First Cycle Results

Hello guys.This is my 13 th week of first cycle with testosterone enanthate.Thinking of doing 14 th weeks , so this is my last week.Trough the cycle ive gained quite a bit of muscle and strength .I started the cycle at 75 kg 181 cm tall .No up to 85 kg for 13 weeks. My squats went up from 90 kg to 130 kg, 5 times. My my bench press went up from 85 to 110 kg and my deadlift from 105 to 150 2 times. So what do you think about my progress this far. is it good for first time cycle? Or i could have done better…

I think the progress was good but probably could have been emulated (albeit a bit slower) by staying natty. You have the size and mass available to push your numbers a fair bit higher yet.

How long have you been lifting?

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Agreed, with a 90 kilo squat before the cycle i think it was abit silly to hop on a cycle, but each to there own i guess.

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Hello.Yes ive been training for 4 years , mostly calisthenics .My weight training has always been inconsistent .I understand it was probably foolish to rush with the steroids .My squats and deadlifts are actually still increasing , but dont know how much i can push it.My bench press is by far the weakest.How much do you think i can still push them?

Oh man I can sit here and give you a nice number that I ‘think’ you could hit, but in reality, it’s all speculation and is up yo you to achieve.

This is in the Training Log section, so I can only assume you are going to start logging? What program are you running?

Feel free not to answer, but did you get on the cycle as you weren’t happy with your progress in 4 years?

EDIT: just noticed it is now in the pharma section.

Well while i trained calisthenics i never really cared that much for mass.I had been ripped and fast.I always satyed in between 70 - 75 kg and never moved, but i didnt did much for diets.First month i did the arnold mass building blueprint i think was called? I think i did well cause ive gaiuned those 5 killos in the first 4 weeks.To be honest never really did more than 2 month of weight training , always came back to calistenics where i felt best.Now is the first time im so fired up and serious for weight training.Just really got to make some blood test after i end the cycle.The only negative things i encontered were some insomnia during the first days , wich scared the hell out of me, but i adapted and havent have any insomnia problems for a while.And couple of pimples …