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First Cycle Results

Hello everyone! Thought I’d leave a bit of a results post from a first cycle I just finished up.

Starting stats:
Roughly 15%
Bench: 325 lb
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 585

Ending stats:
Similar %15 range
Bench: 385
Squat: 455
Deadlift: 635

The Cycle was 8 weeks
Test prop: 125mg EOD 8wk
dbol: 10mg 3x/d for 4wk
adex: .25mg EOD 8wk
PCT: Clomid: 50mg 2x/d for 1wk, then 25mg/d for 3wk

I think it worked well, prop hurt like a bitch though.Yes this was a small amount of test, but it clearly gave me some satisfying results. dbol blew me up and test held me in tight for the rest of the cycle.

Calorie intake was roughly 4300 at peak and a basic 40/40/20 macro split. I was going for the quick strength boost and have been holding onto it well for 4 weeks while dropping some water weight back down to 230. Feel free to criticize, opinions are appreciated and maybe my first cycle sucked ass and I’m dumb, I’m open to that. I’m looking into another one soon and would like to up it to 500-700mg weekly of test and stack with something else (Tren? Probably not a good idea). I think I responded to the 125 EOD very well. I went through with this because I had done a nice big bulk a year back and got to 250, but felt just fat and slow and strength didn’t exactly boom. This cycle gave me a huge boost and kept my body comp/image about the same except bigger!

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Great results buddy! I have a few suggestions for you based on what you did, and a couple suggestions of what I Would recommend for future cycles.

  1. try starting dbol for the first week at 20mg, next two weeks at 30mg, then 2-3 more weeks at 40mg next time you use it. You don’t have to use those dosages exactly, but you will find a taper up like that works very nicely, as you will have a noticeable increase each time the dosage is raised, and you really get the most out of your dose!

  2. I would CUT DOWN before your next cycle! Steroids work MUCH BETTER at under 12% bf for sure and especially under 10%bf. You’re body won’t convert to estro the same, and you will gain less fat and more muscle. This is where you hear about people who are gaining absolutely no bf or even losing a tiny bit WHILE gaining muscle, its because they start the cycle so lean. Steroids just work better for numerous reasons at lower bf!

3.Your adex dose is simply too high for what you ran in my opinion! You do not even need adex unless you are blasting 1g+ test. Almost any endocrinologist or experienced AAS user would advise you to use 10-20mg nolva with a cycle like this. Adex (even at the low dose you used) will lower your estrogen too much, having slightly raised E is OKAY when on higher test, you absolutely do not need to stop it from raising at all. IF your adex dose is even a TINY BIT more than you need, it will have negative effects on estrogen, not to mention adex has more negative effects health wise than most steroids! Nolva is simply all we need except in extreme cases!

All that said, you did a great job for your first cycle, got great gains and were safe about it. Good job this is what a good first cycle looks like!

Next cycle I Would recommend EQ and test if you want to go for nice lean size, or masteron and test if you want to cut or want a dryer harder and leaner mass gain cycle. Many guys will go to deca, but EQ is a milder and in many ways more effective choice and in my opinion is always a better choice. Here is how I would run each!

weeks 1-14/16 Test 400-500mg/week
weeks 1-14/16 EQ 600-750mg/week
weeks 1-4/16 Nolva 10mg/week

EQ is one of the few things I Recommend dosing high, and you could dose 900mg with it if you want to go for a stronger cycle. Just watch bp and donate blood as needed, I took 80mg aspirin daily to combat high bp on 1200EQ and that worked for me well.


Weeks 1-10 Test prop 150mg EOD (525mg/week)
weeks 1-10 Masteron prop150mg EOD (350-525mg/week)

Have nolva on hand. If you are sensitive, run it at 10mg/day. You could try and go without it. The thing is, the only negatives from nolva are similar to 800mg Tylenol, so honestly Id just run it to be safe!

Don’t let anyone tell you your first cycle sucked bro! The only thing I Would really criticize is using adex instead of nolva was a mistake, and I Would have gotten ATLEAST to 13% or lower bf first, but you got great results so who is ANYONE to judge what you did.

Also bro, not all test prop will hurt like that! It depends on the concentrations/types of alchohol or whatever that they use! I forget exactly what it is they use that’s painful, I’m not very experienced with brewing but I know that depending on the recipe, it can be absolutely painless. I have had very painful and also painless prop before.

You definitely did react well to the test dose. DONT be in a big rush to boost your dosages up there though, ive made that mistake in the past!

You did great on about 435mg test prop/week, so doing 400-500 test + another compound is definitely a big enough leap in dosage! You DEFINITELY do not need to bump the test to 750 and add something else like you suggested. ALWAYS try and add the littlest amount possible to get the most results bro!

Maybe tell me what your goals will be for your next cycle and I Will help you design one if youd like? Are you’re goals powerlifting or bodybuilding oriented? What is your goal physique? Do you want to do an all out bulk? a relatively lean bulk? a super hard/dry recomp/slight bulk? a cut? Let me know the answer to these questions, and I can help you come up with something to help you reach the potential that we both know you have!

Wow, thankyou for those replies! I appreciate the helpful notes and support.

The Nolva was originally what I was looking for but the place I got my stuff from didn’t carry it at the time, yet they had adex. I head read some and thought it was a fair substitute to use and went ahead with it. Thanks for the heads up though, I will look for nolva for this next one.

I’m definitely trying to lean out now for the next 10ish weeks and hope I can reach a more suitable bodyfat as you suggested.

In regards to the EQ; I have read some on it but otherwise do not know much about it as far as utilizing in a cycle and for what type of effects you want. I was suggested Deca by a buddy of mine and was also interested in that. I also loved the dbol and was a fan of the energy and strength boost I got in such a short time, so I’m considering having that again.

My main goal is strength. I want to follow a power program for this next cycle, but I love my high volume hypertophy stuff too, as I’m workout out 6 days a week. It may not be the most efficient, but I love my training sessions just as much as the results I get from them, so I’m not looking into changing that aspect. So I’d definitely appreciate your help here. What would you consider for me if I’m going for a large amount of strength and would like to keep it as fairly lean gains. I’m not trying to be a shredded mass monster/bodybuilder, yet I’m not quite feeling ready to go full power lifter. My weight goal would be to hit the 250s or if I stay pretty lean, the 240s. I’m also no opposed to the longer 12-16 week cycles, as this first one felt pretty quick and I feel I could have tapped into some more strength with a few extra weeks at the same dosage.

So, what would you suggest? Thank you so much for the help!

IF strength and lean gains are your goals, immediately tren, halotestin etc come to mind as the obvious best options. HOWEVER, for your second cycle, not a good idea! Definitely stay away from these drugs right now regardless of the temptation! I made the mistake of starting with the harsher drugs and boy do I regret it.

I’m not a “Strength guy”, but I do have a decent grasp on strength and lean gain cycles.
Something like this I would suggest for your second cycle

Weeks 1-12 Test Enanthate 500mg/week
Weeks 1-12 Masteron Enanthate 500mg/week

Steroids are either mainly anabolic or androgenic, or evenly balanced.
Things like Deca, EQ, etc are anabolic mainly, which means they add more size, a little (or a lot) of bloat, more size than strength.
Things like masteron, anavar, etc are mainly androgenic, which means they add more strength, some very lean, dry, hard gains etc.

I think you will see GREAT results with 500 of each! You could push it to 625 test and 600 masteron E, but I WOULD NOT push higher than this! 700 masteron is generally the max and definitely NOT needed for second cycle.
Another option is to do 500 of each, and add in ANAVAR. If you decide to add anavar, I would dose it like this along side 500mg of the test and mast/week.

weeks 3-4 40mg Anavar/day
weeks 5-8 60mg Anavar/day
weeks10-12 80mg Anavar/day

Some will say 10 weeks on an oral is overkill, but the effects of anavar are quite mild. Yes it can screw up lipids and cholesteral, but these will return to normal after cycle. IF this is a concern, do the same kind of taper but start at week 6 instead. PERSONALLY I would not start anavar at week 1 because I like to run orals till the end of the cycle, other wise, if you run the anavar say week 1-8, you will likely stall out strength gains once you drop it, so run it till the end once you start!
Test and masteron (with or without anavar) will provide very LEAN AND DRY gains, with a focus on strength more than size, but the test will still provide good size gains. This could be a cutting cycle, but is also a GREAT lean bulk cycle, I’m a big advocate of masteron for a lean bulk!

In my opinion I Would do just the masteron and test for your first cycle for a focus on strength with dry lean gains.

Masteron is a very mild steroid, and can be dosed a bit higher without negative effects. Perhaps 500mg test 400mg masteron would be a bit better for size, but id say 400 test 500 masteron a bit better for strength!
I WOULD NOT go higher than 500mg of each as a maximum, or 300mg test 400mg masteron as a minimum!

With this cycle just take nolva at 10mg a day. IF you are unable to get nolva, and only have arimidex, I would stick to 400 test not 500, and only use if you feel you need it! If you do need to add it in, start with 0.125mg every other day unless symptoms are intense in which case you can double that, but this would be rare!

Masteron does not aromatize, and in fact is a mild anti estrogen! SO by adding masteron to 400mg test, you will need LESS of an AI than if you ran the test alone! This is part of the reason masteron rocks! It also increases libido a lot, feeling of well being, gym intensity, lean dry hard gains, a dry hard appearance, thin skin etc.

The strength gains and tightening effect of mast are always apparent, but under 10% bf it REALLY shines in terms of visual hardening effects!

Anavar also has hardening/tightening effects, as well as increased vascularity, hard dense lean gains that are commonly described as “keepable”, and good strength gains.
There are better steroids for strength, but not that will keep you lean. EITHER DBOL and ANADROL could be substituted for anadrol, but not for 10 weeks. IF you want to use one of those let me know I Will write out a protocol.
The thing is either of these will cause you to hold water, bloat up, and lose the lean look, and ruin the hardening/tightening/drying effects of masteron.

Best option is 500mg of test/mast per week and anavar as outlined based on your goals and experience!

I hope this helps!

Very similar to my results for first cycle. I would consider you next cycle with
Prop 200mg so 1 thru6
Enanthate 500mg was 1 thru 16
Bold/EQ 500mg to 750 wk 1 through 16
Prop taper 200, 150, 100
5days after you last prop start pct
Or just cruise after week 16.

I’m currently running prop at 150 a week, and it hasn’t bother me yet for pip