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First Cycle - Response times/experiences?


Hi everyone,

So I am 3 weeks into my first cycle (or 6 pins) and am yet to observe any changes mentally or physically. I am curious whether or not I may have got bunk gear or if I’m just being too impatient to notice results for an Enanthate stack. Has anyone had similar experiences? Seems like I’m a 1/4 of the way through my cycle but haven’t even started!. Aim is to lean bulk.

-Test E 750mg/week
-Tren E 300mg/week
-Adex 0.5mg EOD
-Caber 0.5mg twice per week

Height ~~ 185cm
BF% ~~ 12

I eat very clean and macros are at about 3100cals, increasing 200 every week, could I possibly not be eating enough? training very intensely 6 days pw. I’m a bit hesitant about suddenly increasing macros too much but then again I have no experience as to what I can get away with, could easier eat more if needed.

Thanks in advance