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First Cycle: Replace Nolvadex with Letrozole?

Hello everyone.

I am running my first cycle with Test E 400 mg a week for 10 weeks. For the gyno i use nolvadex 10mg ED.
I want to ask is it better to replace the nolva with Letrozole (exemestane and anastrozole are not an option because I cannot find them)?
If yes, what dosage?

Tnx :slight_smile:

Letrozole can crash your estrogen real quick. Tamoxifen is what you want for gyno. If it were me I wouldn’t take it unless I saw gyno forming.

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Thanks… so nolvadex 10mg and maybe add Proviron 50mg in the cycle?

You could to up to 20 mg/day on the Nolva and its a toss up between Proviron and masteron. Personally, I like mast but then again, I’ve never taken Proviron.

Like @dextermorgan said though, dont use it unless you need it. Also dont mistake itchy nipples for gyno. It takes a while for your body to adjust to the increased hormones. Don’t freak out in the beginning.

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So, I will use nolva 1-10 week during the cycle, also week 12-16 for pct, but what about week 10-12? Should i continue using it?

I am on my first cycle as well man, literally same amount of testosterone. I started taking arimidex because of certain estrogen side effects, and let me tell you, 4 doses into a minimal dose my E2 dropped too low and you do not want that. These are nasty drugs and should be taken only when absolutely necessary, a big lesson I learned in my first cycle. Here’s the thing about E2. First of all, estrogen is not bad. It is vital for sexual function, anabolism, joint/bone health, serotonin, etc. Second of all, of course your E2 is going to rise when your testosterone hits supraphysiological levels. This is your body maintaining homeostasis. Eat well, workout right, get your vitamins, and the hormones will take care of themselves. I have completely dropped my AI because of how awful low E2 is. As @studhammer stated, your body needs to adjust to the hormones. Focus on staying healthy, active, and with a good diet and you will be much better off with no AI unless it is absolutely necessary. Even if gyno does start to flare up, stick to just 10-20mg of nolva ED, no AI.


It won’t make any difference if you don’t use it for those 2 weeks.

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