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First cycle reflections.....

Since there’s been alot of questions lately on first cycle advice, choices etc, why doesn’t everyone post their first cycle experiences, including: what used, weight gain(+ kept), side effects, what you’d do(did) differently next time. This should give potential first timers, like myself, something to contemplate and use to help construct our first cycle.

I’m interested in this too… anybody care to share their “virgin” experiences?

My first cycle was 50 mg/day each TA and Dianabol, with the first day frontloaded with 100 mg of TA. (Also used Clomid.) I ate a lot, but not in any controlled, planned way, and certainly had a lot of protein, and gained about 20 lb in 2 weeks, of which probably 2 or 3 lb was fat. I lost 9 lb afterwards – not protein muscle weight, but glycogen and glycogen-associated water, I believe, plus I was dieting the fat off – for a net gain of probably 10 lb LBM and a half inch on my arms. Others have done better and I’ve done better since, but that was the first one.

Later I made a point of having controlled diets, and tried other things such as stacking
Winstrol; substituting Anadrol for Dianabol; trying testosterone propionate; stacking GH and insulin (brief experiment because I cannot tolerate much GH); trying Winstrol and TA only; substituting 4-AD, and later nor-4-AD, for Dianabol; trying an Anadrol/oxandrolone stack, and maybe some other things that aren’t coming to mind right now.

Bill, I think I remember reading a while back that you used a really high dosage of Anadrol and Anavar together, like 100mgs each per day for two weeks. Is that right? Wouldn’t that be pretty dangerous on the liver? How did you do on that combo?

Anadrol 100mg daily for 10 days. I gained 10lbs. I lost all 10lbs in the next couple of weeks. I did gain it back naturally six months later at an age of 35. I think that you change the cells to some degree and make your setpoint higher (muscle memory type thing). Anyway, I loved that stuff, I only stopped because that is all I could get at the time. I didn’t know any better. My best cycle has been 500mg sustenon with 300mg deca for eight weeks. I think I gained and kept 10-15lbs. I don’t drop below that bodyweight ever now. The other cycles all have weight that has come and gone. I’ve used up to 2150mg of sustenon per week in a pyramid cycle, which now I know is a waste of time.

Doug, that was really more a “scientific” experiment than anything else.

There is one paper (Forbes et al) in the scientific literature that attempts to discern the dose-response relationship of anabolic steroids, up to the dosage levels used by athletes. Unfortunately it is really short
on data, and relies heavily on a SINGLE point:
an athlete who reported self-administering oxandrolone at 1 gram per week (which would be 150 mg/day approximately) and reportedly gained 40 lb LBM in 8 or 10 weeks.

I was suspicious of that claimed result, but on the other hand, did not know anyone who had ever used more than 80 mg.

So I tried 150 mg/day, planning to do it for 2 weeks, to see if the claim in Forbes et al. was at all reasonable.

I felt that the first week did not go well at all. I gained very little – don’t recall, but no more than 2 or 3 lb I think – and with almost no change on the arms or anywhere else. Ordinarily, any decent cycle would have made a much more obvious difference in the first week. So to my own satisfaction, I felt that oxandrolone alone was not that good a steroid regimen.

I did not want to blow the cycle by staying on it, yet wanted to obtain more information regarding oxandrolone, so I kept the total dose equal (150 mg/day) and divided it equally between oxandrolone and oxymetholone, the idea being to get Class I/Class II synergy.

The result was explosive. I gained half an inch on my arms within just one weekend after changing the dosing. Overall the cycle turned out pretty good.

I believe you are absolutely correct that such a cycle is abusive on the liver and there is no way I would recommend anyone do it for more than 2 weeks, and for that matter, even for 2 weeks I would certainly recommend using an injectable Class I steroid (avoiding the 17-alkylation problem) in place of the oxandrolone. The only reason to do the oxandrolone, in my opinion, would be if one already had it, and did not have anything better. (Better being, also an effective Class I steroid, and not 17-alkylated.)

My first cycle was a nifty three-wheeler. It was red and blue and had streamers coming from the handlebars. My first two-wheeler was a second hand balloon tire jobber that my uncle and I repainted green. Of course, I had training wheels for a while but conquered the laws of gravity rather quickly.

Thanks for the input guys. Let’s KEEP THEM COMING everyone else. And thankyou Avoid Roids for your insight - you certainly are the master of irreverent replies.

Yeah, thanks for the reports fellas.

I’m going to start my first cycle (nandrosol/finaplix) once Biotest ships my Nandro. I may throw in a little winny because i’m worried about all the talk of gyno (although noone seems to have had the problem while using Nandro). I’ll try to do updates every 2 weeks but they’ll probably be on seperate threads.