First Cycle, Recovery of Broken Arm/Knee Surgery

33 year old male on TRT since 30. Decided to have another kid got off TRT (150mg Test Cyp weekly injection). Fertility specialist Prescribed HCG 2000iu 3x Week 3 months. Sperm count returned from 0 to 8mil but motility was still low 6 months ago. Still trying to conceive…

6 months ago I broke my arm and then re broke my arm 10 weeks later than requiring a steel plate and screws. I also went a head with a knee surgery at that time.

I went from 180lbs at 6 feet 10% BF to 208lbs and 22%BF.

Now I am back eating right and training.

I have been using all my prescribed left overs for the past 3 weeks:

3rd week of 10-12 total

250mg Test Cyp E3D
.5mg anastrozole E3D
300iu HCG E3D

I have Nolvadex, clomid, and HCG for my PCT

Thanks for any input.

So you are trying to conceive so you jumped on cycle?

Conception is not the #1 priority right now. However that is why I am taking HCG to reduce the amount I am shut down. Having been prescribed TRT without HCG for 3 years I know what being completely shutdown Feels and looks like . So far I have not noticed any reduction or pain.

I plan on boosting my recovery and than being done. 3 weeks has helped quite a bit.

My plan is fairly simple. Does anyone see any issues with it or what I am trying to do?