First Cycle - Recomp; Reverse Dieting and Pct Training

Hello pharma readers, I just signed up to the forum and seek some expert advice.

I will be starting my first ever AAS cycle (test E+some orals) after 3 successful designer steroid cycles (one was even 10 weeks long - Epi + Trest + ostarine + 11-oxo). The aim is to recomp/lean bulk, and my question is more related to the approach to dieting and training, as I am undecided on what would be most appropriate.

A little bit about me and my cycle:
27yo, 76kgs, 13-14% bf, 7yrs lifting (though only 4 with proper nutrition and training),
the cycle I have in mind is (pretty standard I believe):
w1-10 Test E 600mg
w1-5 Dbol 30mg as mild kickstart
w 6-10 Var 50mg to harden up
(exem and nolva on hand, but will take them only if I get gyno sides)
w 13-17 Nolva 40/20/20/20/10
w 13-15 Exem 25mg E3D
w1-17 ancillaries (cycle support supps, o3, liv52, l-dopa, etc).

Training wise, I have been using a modified PHAT routine which has yielded me a great deal of results in the past 2 years, in both strength and lbm. I have 2 strength days (upper and lower body) and 3 hypertrophy days which vary in volume/intensity/techniques every 4-5 weeks.
Diet is just slightly above maintenance at the moment, around 2700 kcals on training days (2400 on rest/cardio days) from 350c/180-200p/45-55f, I have gained a bit of extra fat during the holidays, you know how it goes.

Now, my question is a bit technical perhaps, but I would like opinions on how I should approach caloric intake during and post cycle, as well as training volume/intensity.

My reasoning is: keep same caloric intake as now on cycle - that will prompt some recomp due to the (hopefully) new lbm, then up the intake by an extra 2-300 kcal as soon as PCT begins - possibly adding some GDA supp to avoid fat gain, then after pct go back to the 2700/2400 kcal (or should I keep it higher to maintain the new muscle mass?).

Training - strength protocol will stay unchanged (2 days, 3-8 reps, low volume), but my concern is about hypertrophy-oriented training days: should I go for higher volume on cycle and lower it + increase the intensity in the PCT (as you would do during a cut to preserve muscle mass)? So for example a Y3D style of training throughout the 17 weeks?

sorry for the lengthy post but I definitely wanna do things right - or else why would I bother?
Feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and whatnot.

thanks in advance for anyone who will contribute to my learning :slight_smile:


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