First Cycle Recomendations?

well , i think im goint to start with AAS. i have some questions , someone recomend me a first cycle of 6 or 7 wks of dbols
others recomended me a 10 - 12 wks of test.

what are your opinions for first cycle ?

im 18 years
150 lb
168 cm
10 - 15 % bf

also … u think it would be better for the results if i grow up more , and then take AAS ??


u r way too young. you are still growing. you shouldn’t even be considering taking them. you haven’t reached your natural potential yet. you are already at the hormaone level the older guys are trying to copy… slow your roll there partner. no rush. you’ll grow

I agree

His first post too. Stay off for many more years.