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First Cycle, Quick Question

I am 6’5 and have been working out for 5 years and am 23 years old, I weigh a lean 210.

I have hit a wall and looking for a little help. I will be using EQ with Test E. I have the dosages and PCT worked out, my question is how am I supposed to work out while on juice?

Heavy weight low reps? High rep? Heavy weight then a drop? I’m very confused, any help would be greatly appreciated.

How you choose to workout depends on your goals. What are they? What sort of plateau with regards to your training have you hit?

either way your training should be goal specific. the sauce doesn’t really determine how you should train.

I want to work out for size.

If hypertrophy is your goal, that is exactly how you should train while you’re on. Just come up with a good program before you start and enjoy your time on, it won’t be your last. (insert evil laughter)

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but if you train solely for size/hypertrophy you certainly can swell up big time on gear. Problem is off cycle some gains will disappear if you don’t train heavy and low reps at all.

Let me say it another way. I’m a powerlifter, 3 reps is high reps for me [sort of]. Because of all the heavy lifting I do on cycle I keep my tendons and ligaments strong. Plus more of the muscle I add is from the lifting as opposed to extra water retention in the muscles.

I totally believe one reason gear users are more prone to muscle/tendon tears than non gear heads is on gear their muscles swell up but they don’t pay enough attention to ligaments and tendons. The strength imbalance makes their bodies more susceptible to injury.
Admittedly, if you don’t ever train heavy you can reduce your risk too; but who never, ever goes heavy?

Thanks a lot, this has been extremely helpful. I am confident and excited about my upcoming cycle. Many thanks.

[quote]bback024 wrote:
Thanks a lot, this has been extremely helpful. I am confident and excited about my upcoming cycle. Many thanks.[/quote]

You don’t have to go extremely heavy while on…use good form to maximize results. When the results start (and you will notice), Increase the weight slowly using the same good form and concentrate on it with each rep. You should use this mindset while off as well.

Growth will come. Good luck.