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First Cycle Questions


I am 19 and have been working out for about 5 years now. I am 5'10" about 175. I have been usually supplements the past few years such as protein and SuperPump250. I am looking to do a cycle to put on some good gains. I was looking to run Test E for 10 weeks at 250mg per week. I was going to do 1 shot a week of only 250mg. Nothing major just want to try it out and see what kind of gains I get.

I realize it isn't much of a cycle but I know a few people that have ran this and got good gains. I was looking for some thoughts about this such as would I need a PCT for such a low dosage and at my age I have heard my body will naturally reproduce the test anyways. Any thoughts or idea I would appreciate. Thank you


I'd experiment with some more supplements first and dietary and training regimes. Not only are you not at a point to leap into steroid use, you're too young, and the dose you are thinking about will merely replace your natural production - at 19 your levels are capable of semi-supraphysiological levels that 250mg of test will give you. I'd try to maxamize and capitalize on that and train and eat in such a way to do so.

Why do you want to run a cycle now anyway?


I have friends that have done this exactly cycle and have been lifting for less time than me. One individual I know went to his doctor and told him exactly what he had taken and the doctor advised him that at his age and at that amount of dosage it won't do any harm to him. Also that because of his age his body will naturally reproduce the test anyways.

I wanted to run the cycle to get some large gains and up my weight. If what this doctor says is true and it won't do much harm then I don't see why it would be a bad idea. From what I read some places a small dosage like this can actually benefit you. Any advice or thoughts I would appreciate again.


Your friends doctor is a FOOL! That dose would benefit someone 30+ for sure, but someone with potentially natural high test levels, come on. Now I might be completely wrong and you might be someone with naturally low levels, but again, I would try through diet, training, and supplementation to bring that up or maxamize on it. If my dad were to take those doses he would see great things, it wouldn't be much more than a placebo effect for a young adult. I got some badass gains off of some silly supplements back in the day that way. Now to reiterate, not only am I advising against 250mg/week, but also 500mg/week,etc. You are after things that can be done naturally, it's not like you have money or a future depending on this.


And I hate to continue this, but you don't seem to have much an idea of what you're doing.

Assuming you did any research on your supplements, you would realize that SuperPump250 is not going to help you get bigger at all. In fact, it will actually make you cut weight and potentially waste a lot of good food that I am assuming you're eating. It'll do this by giving you the worst of the runs you have ever had.

5 10 and 175, come on now man? Youre 19. You probably just started training. Figure out what youre doing with your diet and training before thinking about AAS.

Also, as far as supplementation is concerned, you need to stick to the basics. Whey protein. You need that. Period. Since youre new to the training thing and somewhat ignorant (and apparently have dumbass friends advising you) I bet you're taking Muscle Milk. Get a basic whey fucking protein.

Multi-vitamins. Get a good one. Not a walgreen's bullshit but something solid. These will keep your immune system up and help you increase protein synthesis, keep a stable metabolism, and stay healthy in general. Some people here might disagree with me, but I love the Animal Pak made by Universal Nutrition.

Creatine. There's a bunch. Just make sure if you get a pure monohydrate you buy some dextrose to mix with it. And when I say creatine, I dont mean a product that claims to have creatine in it, like NO Xplode or SuperPump 250, because that is not nearly enough. Buy an actual creatine product, or creatine alone and make your own blend.

As far as NO boosters and all that pre-workout shit is concerned, it's bullshit. Essentially all it is, is glorified coffee. Want pre-workout energy? Take some Spike.

I don't mean to sound like a dick here man, but you seem kind of clueless and I hope I helped you out.

One last word of advice. Start researching AAS now so that at some point, years down the road, you have actual research to actually have a clue then as to what you are considering doing. I promise you that if you do some research, you will quickly realize the idiocy of what you were suggesting.


as most will tell you on this site the first time you use aas you will get the best results. So when your ready, whenever that time is, do not use 250mg/week because that is not going to benefit you that much. A cycle of 500mg/week of test e and some dbol for the first 4 weeks and you will be way more satisfied, don't waste your first time on 250mg


Thanks I am going to hold off on the AAS. I have been taking Anabolic Muscle for a few years and will continue to do so. Wanted to know if there is a better protein out there. Also I am going to look into some sort of creatine, any thoughts on which is the best or most effective. Thanks


my favorite protein between meals = Metabolic Drive, my favorite workout protein = Surge..

Biotest products ftw!


You're using "FTW" out of context.


Most creatines are over priced and over dosed, alot of waste. Buy a generic unflavored creatine and take it with grapejuice post workout to maximize absorbtion.


Hey man Im 20 and Iv've been lifting four about six years but recently really started heavy training past six months. Just by eating high quality foods that are high in protein and taking optimum nutritions procomplex I have gained about 30lbs and gained tons on my lifts. I would just steer clear of the aas and just EAT!!


Antman, I'm the same age as you so I know how many young guns are on gear, which I would guess is more than the vets think. I know dudes who've made huge gains too, "off like a couple injections of deca a week bro", but if you're eating and training as hard as possible, you're not going to be outdone by anyone our age gear or not. Follow the right protocols, and study up. Save it for when you need it.


Thanks for all the information...I was told that Size On by Gaspari was a good CEE but I researched it and I'm not sure...Can anyone suggest a good CEE to take..Thanks