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First Cycle Questions

Here is a bit of background information:

I’m 28 been working out for the past 2 years steady, but on and off since I was 16. My test levels are around 10.0nmol/L naturally but doctor doesn’t seem to think thats low since its in the normal range. I have a varicocele on my left testicle and wonder if maybe thats contributing to the low T levels. I had my levels checked when I was 20 and they were in the 10nmol/L - 13nmol/L range back then too. If I want to cruise for the rest of my life and remain fertile what would I dose Test E at and HCG at? Why do endos not like to prescribe TRT?
I found this research paper that stated:
An 8 year study of men with total T levels of 12.1 nmol/L or less showed that those men who then took testosterone greatly reduced their risk for heart attacks, strokes, and overall mortality.

Here is my cycle plan it is quite mild in comparison to people saying run 500mg for your first cycle. I want to avoid all the cardiovascular problems I can.

Weeks 1-15: Test E 150 mg E3D (Mon and Thurs)

250iu HCG EOD or 500iu 2x a week

0.5mg Arimidex E3-4D or based on blood work

If noticing gyno will take Nolvadex 20mg ED for 14 days or till it clears up.

Weeks 16-17: Nothing except continue the HCG 250mg EOD or 500mg 2x a week and AI for the HCG increasing aromatase causing increased progesterone and estrogen levels

Weeks 18-21: 40mg Nolvadex ED for first 2 weeks then 20mg Nolvadex ED for last 2 weeks

My main questions are as follows:

How are my dosage amounts and times for each compound?

When should I get blood work done?

How will I know how often I need to take arimidex as I don’t want to crash my E2? Should I not worry so much about the E2 levels and just base taking the arimidex off of blood work? Or base it off my side effects?

Should I run HCG at all?

In my 2 weeks after my last pin when I am running the HCG and AI how often should I take the arimidex and could I cut the dose in half like 0.25mg E3D since the exogenous testosterone is leaving the body and HCG can’t be responsible for too much E2 aromatization.

I was thinking of running GHRP2 with Mod GRF 1-29 both at 100mcg post workout and bed time for the whole cycle(18 weeks) any thoughts on that?

Blood Work

IGF-1 218 RefRange 93-250ug/L
Cortisol 202 RefRange 138-690nmolL
Glucose Fasting 4.7 RefRange 3.9-5.8mmol/L
Triglycerides 1.48 RefRange 0.00-1.69mmol/L
HDL Cholesterol 0.74 RefRange >1.20mmol/L
LDL Cholesterol 2.87 RefRange <3.40mmol/L
Cholesterol:HDL Ratio 5.8 RefRange 4.0-7.0
Cholesterol (F) 4.28 RefRange <5.20mmol/L
FSH 3.0 RefRange 1.4-18.1 IU/L
LH 5.0 RefRange 1.5-9.3 IU/L
Free Test 10.10 RefRange 5.80-28.00nmol/L
SBGH 12 RefRange 13-71nmol/L
Free Androgen Index 84.2 RefRange 14.8-94.8
TSH 4.72 RefRange 0.35-5.00mIU/L
Free T3 4.6 RefRange 2.6-5.7pmol/L
Free T4 15.8 RefRange 9.0-19.0pmol/L

PS - I am in Canada in Alberta and would love if someone could recommend a TRT doctor. My Endo doesn’t think I need TRT since I’m still in the reference range.

You wont need any AI on that low of dosage. Keep the Nolva on hand just incase of signs of Gyno. Do not take any AI on a scheduled cycle with that low of a dosage. I run strictly TrT, 200mgs a week Tues and Sat shots. Have never taken an AI. Your body will go through a phase that you might have high E2, but that is your body trying to find a balance. I experienced bloating and a lot of water retention. But disappeared shortly thereafter.

At 300mg/wk you think I will be alright? The reason for not going 500mg/wk is because I was informed you can start to run into cardiovascular problems quicker. Do you run HCG on your TRT? Is 500IU 2x a week appropriate or would one run higher?

AI can not control or block the aromatization that happens in your balls when on HCG. It will still block the aromatization of the test in the rest of your body. I am not clear on why or how maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in.
So if you have gyno issues when on HCG and the AI doesn’t help then you need Nolvadex or any SERM.

If you take an AI during the two weeks after your last test injection, you will probably crash your estrogen. Just wanted to state that in case what I wrote was not clear. If you have gyno issues during this time you will need to address it with a SERM like Nolvadex.

Like the other responder stated your dosage is low enough that you shouldn’t require an AI on cycle but I would either have some on hand just in case or know where to get some quickly. I would do it just to cover yourself just in case you find out you really react to the extra estrogen. Nolvadex on hand will cover you in regards to gyno but not all of the other possible side effects. Again you probably won’t have any issues at that level but everyone is different.

With the stated dosage, after you adjust the 300 mg weight to see how much raw testosterone you will be using, you are basically double the high end of natural production. Give or take, and everyone is different. You should definitely feel the benefits at that level. I think the best choice is to just see what this level of test does for you. If you take a peptide then you won’t know if it is the peptide or the test giving some benefit that you like or dislike.

Other that all of that your layout seems in order. It is a low dosage for a cycle but high for traditional TRT.

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You wont run into cardio problems for your first cycle at 300 or 500. From my understanding cardio problems would take quite awhile to develop and require long term abuse of substances.

I dont run hcg. 400-500iu per week broke into 2 shots is pretty standard.

I would start off with a baseline blood work just to see where your stats are naturally/normally.

Any thoughts on running masteron enanthate at 200-300mg/wk along with the test E at 300-400mg/wk?

Any thoughts on running masteron enanthate at 200-300mg/wk along with the test E?

This is your first run. Just do testosterone only. We ALL wanted to add stuff to our first cycle but every experienced person told us to just stick with test only for a reason. The simple reasons are; you need to see how your body reacts to what’s is a massive amount of what it is already use to, testosterone. You need to learn how to manage just one new compound at a time. Now yes your body is use to testosterone already but when we use synthetic test it doesn’t replicate the natural fluctuations and that in it self is extremely different from what we are use too so it counts as a new compound. We also need to learn how our bodies recover from each different compound. If you take two new things at once and you have some issue you will not know which one is causing it. Plus you will be blown away with what just testosterone will do, there is a reason why everyone keeps it in their stacks (and not just at a trt level) as they gain experience.

Now for masteron. It’s great stuff. It’s big draw is the hardening and the “look” it helps create. It really does it’s best work on a low body fat body. The amount of building it does can be more efficiently achieved with other compounds for less money. It does help lower shbg and that does help free up the other compounds you use with it, but you can get that at a better cost with Proviron. (Usually it’s cheaper with Proviron) It does help keep gains cleaner and drier, and again usually Proviron is the more cost effective way. As far as hardening and cutting, winny is a much more cost effective way. In my opinion the one thing it does that you just can’t get elsewhere is the grainy polish look but this only shows if you are at a very low body fat. Like I said masteron is great it is just a question of what are you wanting out of it and are you in a position to properly take advantage of what it offers. It is not cheap to run it at the necessary levels to benefit from it. If you are a strong responder then 300mgs a week is possible to get what you want however most of us it’s 400 and up to get it going. And remember those labels on UGL bottles are usually not 100% accurate. It say 200 mgs per ml but from batch to batch it probably varies from around 170-220mgs.

If you like taking “naps” then there is a source site out there that carries multiple brands and they supposedly randomly check bottles from the labs. They put the lab results on the site so you can see what the actual mgs are for a given product. Now I don’t know but I assume the labs know or at least have a good idea of when the site will “randomly” check their product. Even with the labs knowing that they check the product those lab results are all over the place when it comes to actual mgs per ml.

I put that last bit in there for you to think about as you progress with this world. Chances are even if you are a strong responder if you try a new compound at the lowest recommended dose you are probably not actually taking that amount. When you do this and you are taking an amount well under the threshold dose you will end the run thinking “this compound is shit it did nothing.” But really you were just not dosing it high enough to get to that threshold. So my advice is stick with test only as you search for a lab source that provides you with a quality product. Then if you want to add something in try the less expensive compounds, see if they do something at the low end of the dosage range. If they don’t do something but you are fairly sure that the bottle has the labeled hormone in it then next time up the dosage. You should get a good feeling of how accurate their claimed dosages are. Then try the more expensive compounds with an idea of how accurate you expect that labeled dosage to be.

Remember you could be one of us that it just takes almost twice the common dose to get results. You dont know if you are a strong or weak responder yet. I would find out what kind of responder you are with the less expensive compounds just as a way to be smart with the money you spend on this.

Chances are if you are running gear just as a way to improve life quality then you will only randomly try other compounds. You will stick with test as your “main girl” and only occasionally have a side chic. I promise you your main girl will get you 90-95% of what you want and that’s even if you want to see how big strong and ripped you can be.

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