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First Cycle Questions

Hi guys, first of all y speak spanish so sorry for my english.

I have a few years of training on my back and i think this is the right moment to do it plus i wanna see how steroids works.

I want my first cycle something basic like test and deca, but i dont know how to do it, like dosages etc, and how to do a proper postcycle so i dont loose the gains.

I have told about this topic with the boss of my gym (he is my “teacher”) and he is doing advice on me on how to do it. But since im a complete ignorant in this topic i dont know if what he says is correct or not, so i need your opinion.

So the question is how to do a proper cycle and postcycle of test and deca (i want it to be 3 months long).

Thanks brothers

Why don’t you tell us what your gym boss said to do? Go online and do some research.

Get familiar with terms like ml/mg, get familiar with names of pct drugs and common layouts.

Put forth a little more effort into your own plan and maybe other people will be more willing to help you rather than spoon feed you



Ok so what about this:

Week 1-14 test 500mg per week

Week 1-12 deca 300mg per week

PCT week 17-21 nolva and clomid starting at 40mg and 150mg respectively and tapering these down to 20mg and 50mg

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First cycle?

Just Test 500mgs a week divided into 2 shots every 3.5 days. 12-14 weeks

Have Nolvadex on hand for gyno, run Nolvadex for PCT. Wait 2 weeks till after last shot of Test, then start PCT 40/40/20/20

Do some research and you will see everything I just told you has been asked and answered on these forums. It is not recommended you run too many compounds for a first cycle, so that in the case something goes sideways, it is easier to pinpoint who the culprit was.


You won’t need Clomid and certainly not at that dose.

And definitely not fucking deca lol

Why not? Test and deca is the most commom cycle for beginners

Ever heard of deca dick or gyno? Both are possible with that much deca

I already answered that for you. What happens if you have a reaction to one of the compounds? Do you know how to identify which compound caused the reaction? Also, can you recognize the signs of high and low E2?

Where? In what country? In what year? If you mean in India, sure. Or if you mean in the US in 1983, yes. But not in modern times.

And what if i use a 2:1 ratio 500mg test and 250 deca to minimize the side effects?

Otherwise im thinking about that 500mg test solo cycle

You can try this but the Test only is your best option for a first cycle.

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You can try this but the Test only is your best option for a first cycle.

You have any recomendations of test to use as solo? sustanon?

Test Ethanate. Half life is approx 7 days. Pin twice a week to keep levels steady

I really should keep this in a note so I can copy and past eit rather than type it out every day:

Week 1-10: Test Enanthate 500mg/week (pin 250mg twice weekly)
Week 11-12: nothing
Week 13-14: Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) 40mg/day
Week 15-16: Nolvadex 20mg/day


@Veteq Third time this week using it? Haha

@Veteq I think i will do this but adding 2 more weeks to the test e

10 weeks is standard but I do believe it’s a bit short, you only start making good gains around week 6 so you dont have a lot of time left if it’s only 10 weeks.

Looks good. Deca dick is a thing its what keeps me from using it. With that being said id be interested in seeing a study on out of 1000 people using deca how many get deca dick. I bet its only a handful. If you are gonna add s compound go for the deca. Or add a dry oral the last 4-6 weeks