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First Cycle Questions


1)should I start running arimidex starting on week 1 (with first test pin) or a little later? like week 2 or 3 when my test levels are high.

2)should I run arimidex at a low does through out my PCT?

3)how long after my last test pin should I keep taking arimidex? should I taper it off? I see some people taking it from their first test pin all the way to two weeks after their last test pin. makes sense since your test levels are still high after last pin.

my last forum post got hijacked by keyboard cowboys and internet warriors so please keep the bickering to a minimum. None of my questions got answered lol. Id especially like to hear from Mr. Walkway and BUDs since they seem very knowledgeable, its not allowing me to personal message you guys.

its a 10 week test e cycle 500mg/week. using arimidex for my AI at .5mg EOD. for my PCT using Nolva 40/40/20/20 that's four weeks and then taper off so 5th week 10mg/day then 6th week 5mg/day then sit back and enjoy my gains! ha!

thanks in advance guys!


Apologies for the bickering. I know you are here to get advice and you are in a good place for that. Some of us want to make sure it continues to be a good place. Your thread unfortunately was one of the ones that got caught up in the fight.

I'm sure WW and/or BUDs will get in on this as you've requested. It does appear that you absorbed at least a little through the arguing as you are asking good questions and have made some decisions on your cycle.

Start your Adex with your first pin. Continue your Adex full dose until 2 weeks after your last pin. Then taper it into your PCT. Adex is used to stop the Test from aromatizing. As there is less Test less Adex is needed.

Your cycle looks quite good. Let us know about your results. I love hearing success stories.


Good man. Try and try again.

1) You should begin AI as soon as you begin your test. Your serum levels wont peak immediately if your aromitisable steroid is of a long ester (which it is), but aromitisation will begin to some extent as your test levels rise and your estrogen levels would rise along with it as the drug becomes bioactive. Better safe than sorry.

2) I would not run arimidex through your pct. This is me, some people do and if thats all you possess then thats fine. Arimidex is known to interfere with the effectiveness of nolvadex which should be taken during pct. I would suggest aromisin because its not as strong and does not do the aforementioned. I have heard before that AI should not be taken at all during pct as it is suppressive in a sense and that defeats the purpose but that could be bro-science, hopefully someone more experienced could clarify for me as well. I am curious because inuitively I assume if your natural test production is lowered, and your estrogens are currently in control, then as your test levels rise gradually of their own accord it should not be a concern to accumulate excess estrogen provided there is no external influx of testosterone. Again this is an opinion of mine and should not be taken as an immediate truth.

3) Research the halflife of the testosterone ester your are taking, and continue use of arimidex until your last shot expires. Longer esters like enanthate can remain in your system for longer, and it is this reason I feel the pct of my very first cycle was insufficient as I began too soon, and it is this reason I now prefer shorter esters and daily shots as the unpleasantness is worth it clearing faster and getting on the road to recovery more rapidly. Your maximal gains are contingent upon a speedy recovery, although your first cycle will probably be satisfactory for you.

Good luck


test e ? how soon did you begin ? jst curious coz i have my pct after 2 weeks from last shot for test e cycle,


I began mere days following my last shot, I was running 500/500 test e and tren ace for 12 weeks for my first cycle. Never heard of hcg at that time and my obvious shutdown compelled my to begin earlier than I should have. I was in error.

Again thats why I like shorter esters as you can begin much sooner.

I believe 2 weeks following last shot is about standard for enanthate.


cycle looks fine, run adex from day 1 to the beginning of pct and begin to taper it off yes


aaah kk..thanks




ok thanks! ill taper it off like .25mgEOD during my first week of PCT.

for knowledge's sake, why start AI on day one? why not wait a week when your test levels are high. test levels rise slowly after first pin but .5mg adex is a lot to have in your system when your test levels are not that much higher than normal your first week. don't get me wrong your test levels are higher after first two pins but not enough to be taking .5mg of adex right? im just questioning this because ive been told to start AI on week two by a friend with a lot of AAS knowledge which is confusing me.

sorry for all the questions, I just really don't want to fuck this up and would like to fully understand every little detail. I dont want to be another guy on here running a train wreck of a cycle. Ive done TONS of research and reading and have learned ALOT!! but some small things here and there I cant find an answer for. I start my cycle in about a month so ill let you guys know how it goes.


IMO stick with 0.25mg..and go on from there.. my sweet spot..not much bloat.. and great strength increases.. start from day one cause you start absorbing immediately but start light with adex IMO..


It takes a week or so for Adex levels to stabilize and be most effective. This is the main reason to take it from day 1. While your test levels won't be sky high immediately you will be experiencing higher than normal levels of test and therefore higher estrogen by the time the Adex stabilizes.


yeah I was wondering how long it takes the body to absorb test and adex. I saw somewhere that adex is absorbed quickly and test e is absorbed slowly (depending on the attached ester). whatever im just going with day 1 like everyone else is recommending since it is "tried and true".

if I start feeling gyno coming along is it best to just up my adex to .5mg ED alone. or up the adex and take some nolva? I see people doing both and get bashed because "nolva kills gains" so whats the right way?


It is unlikely that you would see any gyno while properly dosing adex. The adex stops the aromatization to estrogen therefor no gyno. You can change your adex dosage as your body lets you know what it needs. Too much adex and you'll feel dry joints from lack of estrogen. Too little and you feel bloated, possibly depressed, bitchy (think about what does to women). Everyone is different. I take 1mg EOD and feel perfect. Your body will talk to you. Make sure you listen.

If you start to feel sensitive/itchy nipples. I would start nolva immediately to get ahead of it. This is also a huge sign that your AI dosage is too low.

Adex half life is just shy of 2 days. Which is why we do the EOD dosing schedule. After 1 week of dosing you should have stable levels which is when drugs are most effective.


If you start getting high E sides such as puffy, itchy tender nips I would up the adex then blast Nolva at 40mg ED till symptoms are gone then run it at 20mg ED for another 3-4 days.


Yep, nolva is the only thing that truly effectively gets rid of gyno symptoms for me.

BTW BUDS, you pre-order the new COD yet biatch?


ok cool thanks for clarifying that.


Oh hell ya I did


Good man. It better beat the tits off of Black Ops 2, I did not like that shit lol.


since the OP has all his qns answered..time to hijack this thread.. and since you guys dont listen to anything i say.. time to show my sources.. just an excerpt from one of teh books i have..

It is important to note that anti-estrogen use may slightly reduce gains made during a steroid cycle, as many androgenic/anabolic steroids seem to exhibit their most powerful anabolic effects when accompanied by a sufficient level of estrogen (See: Estrogen Aromatization). This may be one reason why gains made with a strong aromatizable androgen like testosterone are usually more pronounced than those achieved with anabolic steroids that aromatizes to a lower (or no) degree.

Therefore, it is usually advised to identify a specific need for an anti estrogen before committing to its use during a cycle. Many people, in fact, find the use of an anti-estrogen unnecessary, even when utilizing problematic compounds such as testosterone or methandrostenolone.

Others, however, find they are troubled by water retention and gynecomastia even with milder (less estrogenic) drugs like Deca-Durabolin® and Equipoise®. The estrogenic response to steroid use is very individual, and may be influenced by factors such as age and body fat percentage (adipose tissue is a primary site of aromatization).

so walkaway, installglass, for newbies on light first cycles isnt it better to wait till sides ?


You are referencing a book written in 2008 and published in 2009. LLewellyn's 9th edition. Knowledge has certainly evolved in 5 years. Besides that lets break down the statement. "MAY" meaning possibly (possibly not), "SLIGHTLY" meaning a small amount. So possibly reduce your gains by a small amount. Is your health more important than the extra "slight" amount of weight gain? I would certainly sacrifice a pound or two (not saying I agree that I would be) to insure my short and long term health. Unless you don't mind diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. High estrogen raises the risk for all of these among other things.

It is my opinion that any "additional gains" you get from skipping the AI are water weight that you will subsequently lose anyway. So you've exposed yourself to real damage for a few pounds of water weight that won't last.

Just out of curiosity, did you get vaccinated as a child? If you have children would you get them vaccinated or just roll the dice and figure you can deal with polio or small pox after the signs show up?