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First Cycle Questions


Hello everyone I have a few questions about my first cycle. I have done my homework and researched everything I need to know I just have one conflict. I just started my first injection this week of Enatat 250 test.I am currently injecting 1cc every 4 days for my first three shots. I am going to bump my dosage up to 1.5 cc for nine shots and back down to 1cc for my last 3.

I was just wondering if I am injecting enough to notice a diffrence. Since this is my first cycle and I did not have the money to stack it with anything like winne or d-bol this is what I got. And yes I have my nolvadex and pct pills. I am 25,5'7, and 170. Any help would be appreciated thanks everyone.


Yes you will see results with that dosing schedule. I think better would be to stick with the 1cc every 4 days for 19 shots. You also may have the desire to hump a pillow.


Hahah man thanks for the advice pillowing humping is my favortie.


So you are running 250mg every 4 days.

As far as the dose of test, keep that the same. There is no point in pyramiding the dosages. Test enanthate will be in your system a few weeks, so pyramiding it will be pointless. If there is any variation in dosage, it would be best to frontload the test to increase blood concentrations faster so you don't have to wait 3-4 weeks for it to kick in.

Test only is a good first cycle.

Do you know when to start PCT? I didn't see you mention that? Also what dosages and how long are you planning for PCT?