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First Cycle Questions

My stats: 26 years old (27 in november), 240lbs, male, been gyming for about 6 years now, very low bf (I have a ridiculous metabolism).

I am going to be running a cycle for the first time and would love to hear some advice from the experts. As you will see I have no idea about steroids, flame me if you wish but plz help educate. I have some questions below.

  1. Injections. I have no experience with them. Where do I learn how to perform them, where to inject, what kind of needles? Any kind of FAQ out there which answers everything?

  2. I will be running a very simple cycle 10 weeks of Test E 500mg. I hear how important PCT is, but if I only run this test e and never do a cycle again can I get away without PCT? Otherwise, what is the absolute bare minimum drugs I need to take for PCT?

Is Nolva alone sufficient? If I need more can someone explain what each drug does? This cycle is a one off and I am not going to be doing anymore after (I wont go into the personal reasons why I have to do this).

  1. Acne and cycling. Currently I have two red spots on my nose, one on my forehead, two on my shoulder and two on my back. So basically I do get spots as it is. I don’t mind if get a few more spots but will this cycle make me break out badly like a teenager? On the back isn’t so bad.

  2. Does appetite DECREASE? I struggle as it is eating ridic amounts of calories due to my fast metabolism. It wont stop me from doing a cycle just wondered if this happens.

  3. Cost. How much would 10 weeks of test e + needles cost assuming I want high quality and I live in the UK?

  4. Blood tests. What kinds of things do I need to get tested before I cycle. I want to do this so I can compare test levels before, during and after and anything else that gets affected.

  5. Facial bloating and facial changes/water retention. How common is this on my proposed cycle and is it permanent.

  6. Finally. THIRST. Does test e make you THIRSTY? Strange question eh? I ask because I used to take migraine pills daiy which made me feel thirsty all the time… this is probably the only thing that would stop me doing this cycle.

Sorry for all the questions, hope I can get some answers.

Thanks a million bros.

i have typed out a list to answer all your questions. But im not going to post it. You need to do some of your OWN research mayne. You come on here and want spoon fed or what? show us you can do some research on your own and ill post it up. Oh and BTW im betting 99.9% of your answers can be found in the stickies alone.

Do you really refer to what you do as “gymming”? lol Maybe its a British thing…

For question 8
I don’t think you’ll find an answer to that particular question here. But the rest can figured out from previous posts. From my experience I have not noticed becoming any more or less thirsty. I think it’s strange that becoming thirsty is only thing that would stop you from doing the cycle.

Good post game.

OP, your questions are fair enough - totally, but this isnt a place where total newbs are given the material to go jabbing themselves with anabolics…

You gotta make a start before you come here - its for your best interest.

Gymming IS a british term among those who train recreationally and without serious dedication BTW.

[quote]dark_skies wrote:
but if I only run this test e and never do a cycle again [/quote]

good luck with that

Post Cycle Therapy is the method by which AAS users try to bring their natural T’rone production back up to ‘normal’ asap after the suppression of a cycle - why would ‘just one cycle’ mean you choose not to do it (PCT)?

It makes no sense.

It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of AAS use and the current safety protocols people use to enjoy the benefits of these potentially physiologically harming drugs.
AAS use WILL result in unwanted side effects in the majority. It is how you manage these side effects which determines how ‘successful’ you are at using these drugs… be that once or for a whole career.


[quote] Brook wrote:

Gymming IS a british term among those who train recreationally and without serious dedication BTW.[/quote]

I find it funny that he is 240lbs.

How tall are you dark_skies?


Don’t worry about it then lads I will find the answers myself.

Well, to get you started, I like this for injection descriptions…


I told you I would help you and i will, just wnat you to show some interest, and maybe soem dedication to wanting to learn.

[quote]dark_skies wrote:

Don’t worry about it then lads I will find the answers myself.[/quote]

This is what I was waiting for you to say. And this is the best way for you to learn. WE will be glad to ‘help’ you along the way. :slight_smile: