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First Cycle Questions/Concerns


I am about to start my first cycle. Will be getting bloods done in a few days before doing so. Here’s how it looks so far:

250mg of Test-E e3.5d for 16wks

12.5mg of Aromasin EOD, staring on first pin.

I am most likely going to BnC, but I do have Nolvadex and Clomid on-hand in case I decide otherwise. I just have a few questions since this is my first cycle.

  • Should I take my first dose of Aromasin immediately after my pin, or later that day? Gyno/Acne is something I am worried about, so I’d rather crash my e2 than let it get too high.

  • What’s a good, popular food to take with Aromasin? I read that you need to consume fatty foods with it. Do you consume the food prior to popping the pill or afterwards?

  • What do your guys’ diets look like? I plan on going for a targetted carb approach, as well as a lean bulk. Around a 500 cal surplus on training days, with carbs eaten pre and post workout, and around a 250 cal surplus on rest days, with little to no carbs throughout the day. I will keep proteins and fats high.

  • How does my training regime look?








I plan on doing 15-30min of cardio after each workout, since I’ve read it’s extremely important not to neglect cardio whilst on cycle.


Everything looks fine just take your AI when you will remember I like to take then pin. Also on test days I would just go black to maintenance caps. No need to constantly be in a surplus