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First Cycle Questions. 5'6", 168 Pounds, 23 Yrs Old

No lol but it was so creepy to see how many dudes would just stand there and gaze. Idk felt weird man.

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Guys need to step up their check out games. The ladies are far more efficient and stealthy in that regard. They do have better peripheral vision, so that helps, but a lot of guys stare dead on lol.

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Dude it made ME uncomfortable. I agree. We need to do better :joy: I’m pretty good at it I think.

IDK how good I am at it. I tend to like attention, so I don’t really do my checking out based on how hot the chick is, but by which chick is checking me out. That makes it really hard to be stealthy. Maybe they are just keeping close tabs on the creepy guy haha.

I’d love this skill. It sure would come in handy

This is always my thoughts :joy:

The way I see it, it probably isn’t one or the other. Some of them are probably thinking why is this small hulk hogan looking at me, but some are checking me out. Don’t know the percentages.

It is easy to spot if you look for it. They generally don’t want to be scene checking someone out, so if they are kinda looking your way and you look at them, they will quickly glance away. If they keep doing this, they are most likely checking you out. The quick I don’t want to be caught glance away is what is easy to spot. That means they were looking at you. If they were looking at something else, they wouldn’t think to glance away quickly.

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Well. I’m gonna retain this info and try it out. I’ll let you know if I get kicked out of the gym or a number

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You might actually have to talk to them at some point if you want the number. But it helps if you have a reasonable belief that they have been checking you out.

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like this?


I tend to believe the best way to see if someone is checking you out is if they start doing exercises (the ones you shouldn’t make eye contact while performing) near you. Especially if they do more than one… revealing… exercise in a row.

Or if they start doing this number:


That is a proper waist measurement. Most people assume pants size but that’s basically your hips. So you’re measuring right. Yes you’re 25% easily and no you won’t be at 200lbs and 10% without serious drugs. You seem like a good dude though I just want you to set realistic goals. You have a good log going… keep up the hard work!