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First Cycle Questions. 5'6", 168 Pounds, 23 Yrs Old

I never really paid attention to other people’s stats so i dont have much to add to that. I’m tracking weight, training, and measurements.
Arms: 17.5"
Waist at Navel: 37.75"
Legs: 27.5"

To be fair, arnold’s legs were shit, and a lot of weight is carried in leg muscles. Also, it says he weighed 235 at his prime so i highly doubt that my FFMI is the same of Arnold’s.

P.S. apparently arnold could only squat 430? I hit 405x3 so infer what you will about his legs…

Arnold is 6’2 though, competed at 10-12% bf

I believe Arnold could squat more like 550 btw

He was a powerlifter and an OLY lifter prior to becoming a bodybuilder

Difficult to be a competitive olympic lifter if you’ve got a shit squat.

How much can you deadlift? I’m struggling to transition from 4 to 5 plates. I can do 405x8 as an absolute max… With straps and a belt that is…

I should theoretically be able to hit five plates, I haven’t tried yet… I’m going to give it another month or so. But I hit 405x1 two years ago, the progress between 405-495 has been painstakingly slow. Getting from 3-4 plates was easy though.

I weigh 170 for reference.

then maybe the article i found is trash.

Arnold’s FFMI is 26.49
Mine (assuming i’m at 20% BF) is 26.64
“26 – 27 = Considered suspicious but still attainable naturally”
Idk, i’ve never paid attention to these numbers before and i dont really relate to them well. I guess we’ll see how accurate i am on BF% when i lean out. Still though, this convo should probs be on a different thread.

Didnt see your update.
I can deadlift 495x3 but i think im on a breakthrough on deads… will find out in a few weeks when i work my way back up to max.

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FFMI is pretty useless at high body fat levels from everything I’ve seen.


No, that’s absolutely false, lol. All you have to do is look at his legs to figure that out. He definitely didn’t have ‘shit legs’. They just weren’t up to today’s standards.

Also: You’re almost certainly carrying more fat than you think you are. You have a 38" waist at 5’9 bro, let’s be real. That’s not indicative of 20% bodyfat.


Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. I’m going to venture no higher than 25% but still, it’s irrelevant to guess without getting a DEXA scan. I’m not hiding anything, i have a training/cut log and you’re welcome to look. Like i’ve said, i’ll get scanned when im down to a physique i want to stay at, and compare numbers to find out how fat i currently am.

I also posted later down that the source i had must have been trash. And about Arnold’s legs, they were quite undersized in comparison to his arms IMO, but as you stated, they just weren’t up to today’s standards.

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Either that, or i’m an Arnold-in-training right now. Even at 25% BF, my projected FFMI is 24.97 regular and 25.26 adjusted…

Again, i really never messed with FFMI and i dont understand how indicative this is of really anything. I just know i have pretty good muscular development hidden under a healthy layer of insulation :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of time though they are only good at a few different intensities. Go for high intensity, and they just don’t have a good combo of strength and endurance.

For example, I know a high level endurance athlete. He was going on about about how great his conditioning was. I said it was only good if low intensity. He doubted me. I said, lets find some kegs. We will get a pair that you and I can both pick up off the floor (same weight for both). Then we will carry them for distance and see who goes farther.

He wasn’t interested in that endurance challenge LOL. It was too high of intensity for his training to help him much.

I think he claims 545 lbs. He didn’t have a good squat. His bench and deadlift were pretty good though.

Yep. Most of the time I think this is due to people underestimating how much fat they really have. Then they lose 15 lbs and look almost the same, and realize they probably needed to lose 10-20 lbs more than they thought to be X % body fat.

If it is waist, I agree with you. I think someone could be 38" at the navel (sometimes this gets confused with waist) and be under 20% BF. I certainly think I am under 20% BF, and my measurement at the navel is like 36-37". I think my erectors are really developed though. My genetics for fat distribution also kinda suck too. I am vascular everywhere (shoulders, biceps, forearms, lats, quads, calves, etc…), and get comments on it frequently, but barely have have abs. Just hold fat in my stomach and face. Sucks man.


I should have worded my initial response better. My 37.75" is waist at navel.

Going to edit original response

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It does make a difference. For me, if I was wearing a 38" waist pant size for example, I bet my navel measurement would be over 45". I wear a 32 pant size and they aren’t tight, but at the navel about 36-37". When I was a climber I wore size 28 waist. Was only like 165 lbs though.

My waist fits a 32 reasonably well but my thighs tell me “36+ bro”

Stretchy denim is the only denim I wear now. So much less constricting. My thighs are only like 25" though.

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We just need to normalize leggings for men, that’s all. If girls can show off their entire crack, from the front to the back, we can too.


If you’re talking about the stuff from like Barbell Apparel, no thanks. Most of the ‘stretchy’ denim feels good, but looks like shit.

All my jeans are Edison Atlas. They’re made for athletes (relatively small waist, big legs). I’d rather get jeans that are cut right for me than jeans that are basically glorified leggings.

I am all for the ladies wearing leggings.

I have already been told by the wife that I can’t wear gray shorts anymore. I don’t think she would be fond of me wearing leggings lol. I feel it is kinda a double standard.

Actually, I have been getting these ones from Target. I think they are called goodfellow or something. They look pretty good. Not the highest quality as far as lasting a long time, but they are like $25.


I’ll check that out. I think I bought some goodfellow bodywash or something from Target once haha.

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God bless stretchy fabric though. I’d for real be stuck with 36-38" walmart brand jeans if it weren’t for stretchy fabric.

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Totally random but the finest girl I’ve ever seen was reverse hack squatting last night in very shear legging. Very tiny black thong. I went back and forth on telling her and ultimately did not. Figured there was no non creepy way to tell her


you have done well. Dont creep out the beauties at the gym and they will continue to be there.

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Do you want her to stop wearing it or something?