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First Cycle Questions. 5'6", 168 Pounds, 23 Yrs Old

read its all stated above

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500 mg test per week.

That is all.

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Personally, I didn’t get much from 325 mg/wk of Test E. I would do a bit more. You could start at 350, run that for 6 weeks, if you handle that, bump up to 500 mg/wk.

I would just drop the Proviron. My guess is you will be plenty horny on the Test alone. It just doesn’t do all that much for where you are. If you were using Deca, and had libido issues, I might try it. I just don’t see a need to add oral DHT, when your DHT is going to be off the charts, and DHT isn’t very anabolic.

Wait until you need the Aromasin. You may not need it at all. If you start with it, you could experience low E2 symptoms, and attribute it to high. If you start out with nothing, then you know that it is high E2 if you are injecting a good amount of Test (without any drugs that could potentially lower E2 like EQ). I would start with 6.25 mg EOD if you need it and evaluate after a few weeks.

Tbol, 20 mg is kinda not much. It isn’t super strong, but I do like it for what it does (seems to give me a few extra reps). I think 40 mg is a better dose for most guys. I would add in Taurine if you get back pumps. I had pretty good success with 4000 mg of Taurine pre workout. Tbol also isn’t super fast acting (I don’t think it is great as a pre workout oral). Just take it every day. It has a long half life for an oral (~16hrs). I think once per day worked well for me. IMO, it is probably the best oral to start with. I liked it more than Var, and didn’t get any drop in libido like I did with Var. I also felt stronger lifting than with Var.

Just my $0.02.


Well I can send you my meal plan and training routine if you want.

I have that all taken care of I know how to diet given I know things are different when you are running gear. I’m just here to get more information on anabolic and educate myself.

Thank you for that input I appreciate It brother!

All stated above I’ve been rolling back into it and I’m in a healthy standing diet and training wise. Just waiting for a bloodwork appointment.

I would consider the waiting advice others have given you though. Just weigh it is out all in saying.

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Always like to play it safe especially when it comes to overall wellness. This years goal is to grow steady stay at just under 10% BF and grow. With that being said a little update I’ve come to the conclusion once the bloodwork is consistent I will only be using the Test and will be closely monitoring and logging everything. Have a plan to step on stage again in early 2023.

No man, no need. My conversation with @hankthetank89 was more in reference to topics that recur as opposed to me making a statement on this particular thread. I don’t know enough about AAS to contribute other than make asinine comments about how forum automation could conceivably work.

Its more than do able, but you need to work your way up to this slowly otherwise you’ll be drained when the time to lift comes.

You can lift after doing 2 hours of hard cardio if you’re fit enough. But it takes a long time to get to this point and it’s not entirely sustainable… A 3 month burst or so isn’t impossible though.

If he’s gonna use gear, keeping this up would probably be quite smart.

I’m not convinced that the ‘form’ on the stairmaster is proper to last 80 minutes. I mean I’ve seen tons of people, many of who were in great shape, get on the stairmaster and do one of two things:
-Grab onto the handles for dear life and basically just lift their upper body such that their legs are moving without doing any actual lifting.
-Leaning so far forward that their whole upper body is supported on the handles, so their legs only have to do part of the actual weight.

Maybe I’m wrong, but i doubt those 80 minutes are happening without either - or both - of those things happening the majority of the time.

I have a cousin who was a soccer player and a runner. He could get on the stepmaster and blast it on the highest setting and go for quite a while without cracking a sweat. He could go on the highest setting for 30-40 mins.

Bodybuilding fitness and athleticism are two very different paradigms. I’ve come to appreciate that quite a bit recent.

Esp soccer players, triathletes, grapplers and boxers… It’s a degree of fitness most can’t fathom

You think 20 rep squats or Stairmaster is difficult? Try legitimate Tabata intervals, to note… I can’t do them.

I dont doubt that, considering soccer players are some of the best runners (sprinting and longer distances) in the world. That being said, was he muscular?

No, thin as a rail though very defined… Like striking distance of 6-7% bodyfat.

I’m reasonably muscular (not a big guy, but I have muscle) and I can do 40-60 minutes on the Stairmaster PROPERLY and still fit in time for a workout with ease if I want to.

You need to work up to it over a period of 6 months or so to be able to do hard cardio + weights. What I did was develop an adequate base with weightlifting… Then I got injured and got into cardio… Then I went back to weightlifting, now I do combat sports and weightlifting.

Even though it was a while ago, I still feel as if my full on cardio stint helped quite a bit in terms of being able to tolerate both.

Having a physically demanding job can also help. If you’re constantly on your feet and lifting things cardio AND lifting tends to get a bit easier provided you eat a looooooot.

I’ve never attempted to sit there and grind on a stairmaster for more than 15 minutes because at that point - it’s bordering LISS IMO. I’d rather just do sprints and let it be over with.

I’m also a bit on the thiccer side so moving all 225lbs for me is a bit taxing, especially up stairs lol.
Side note: I cannot stand cardio, but sprints are okay

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How tall are you?

If below 6’0 you’re def on the thicker side

5’9. I’m leaning out now, but i believe i’ll wind up around 205-210 at ~10% BF. Still a bit thicc though so we’ll have to see

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Holy shit… I’m assuming you take gear? And not just a little bit of test and mast/primo here and there

Props to you either way. Those are some impressive stats

no, I’m natty unless you count the Rad140 and YK11 I took about 2 years go.
i’ve just been lifting a long time. I have a training/cut log that i started 2 weeks ago if you want to follow. I might be off a bit on my BF% because i didn’t get DEXA scanned, but I believe i’m around 18-20% BF right now. We’ll find out my BF% when I get to a maintainable level of lean-ness and compare bodyweight + DEXA scan later on (no point to getting scanned until i’m at a physique I feel better at).

Should probably pull off this thread for this stuff though

So you’ve naturally obtained an FFMI equitable to that Arnold Schwarzenegger? Naturally?

Very impressive regardless.