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First Cycle Questions. 5'6", 168 Pounds, 23 Yrs Old

Will be using Test E @ 350 mg 2 times per week
Will be taking Tbol towards the middle or end for a few weeks.
Along with Proviron and Aromsin.

What should I expect?

Side Effects?

Is it going to ruin me? Just need some reassurance and I don’t wanna end up in a hospital bed. I know there are consequences for gear but I am a new user and I just want to take all precautions.

I know everyone will experience different things.

My current Shape is 168 at 11 percent bf and I’m 23 years old.

How tall are you?

There’s always consequences. You could never recover, you could have bad gear and get a nasty infection, you could get busted with illegal drugs. Should everything go right you could end up bigger.

I think some pre cycle bloods would be a smart choice. Waiting to use the AI until you know you need it is another good choice. Using test only is another good choice but if you’re dead set on an oral, at the end would be best so you know if any side effects arise, it’s from that and you’re not just guessing.

You didn’t mention cycle length or a PCT plan. You got your drugs? Know how to PCT?

What’s your favorite color?

EDIT: just saw you’re 23. Wait a few years man. Way too early to potentially fuck yourself up for life


Any reason why you are taking this stuff?

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Ppl either wanna take too little or too much, it’s 250mg or 700, adding in orals for first cycles. Guess the whole 500mg test only isn’t the trend anymore.

Anyway, all the usual questions: how long? Tbol dose? Stats? Lifts? PCT? Blah blah blah

Pics? And height?

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Why can’t all the “first cycle” topic guys just read the previous 1000 “first cycle” topics and answers?


You provided no data so what answers are you expecting to receive?

How long have you been training? Not exercising but training?

What are your best lifts in the squat, bench, deadlift and press?

How tall are you?

What is your goal you are trying to achieve with this cycle?

Why add proviron?

What is your PCT plan?

Have you acquired all that you need to start a cycle and finish off with proper PCT?

Get pre-bloodwork done before putting shit in your body and fucking yourself up.

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Used to compete doing a recomp. Fell into a depressive state after military separation lost 35lbs.

All I was eating was fast food for 6 months. Now I have been dieting for about a month and I am bouncing back the gym and competing gives me a propose.

I a good source, friends coach known the guy for awhile and I trust him.

Any recommendations on where to go get bloodwork done??

He is going to message me tomorrow but here’s what I told him I wanted and he recommended the T-bol for a pleateau breaker if it is needed I probably wont end up using it but I had gotten it anyway.

3 vials of Test-E (175mg 2x week ) - Length or timne TBD depending on Sides and bloodwork. looking to be on for 12 weeks ideally.
1 Proviron (25mg Daily)
1 Aromsin (12.5mg)
1 T-bol (20mg when needed before training) - I May or may not use this depending on how I end up reacting to the Test.

im 5’6 this is at 5 meals with 1 gallon of water.

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Also this was my physique 3 weeks after my last show, open to any weak point help/constructive criticism.

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Nothing to comment (I’m no expert) except…

Beast brah, that is a great physique

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enjoy your run, please keep a log, I’d like to follow along.

obligatory you should wait, don’t do it, you don’t need it.


So you’re saying this will be your first cycle? As in you haven’t used gear before, not even to get to that physique in the pics above?

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If you are in this for the long haul, let’s combine a little safety caution along with progressive AAS treatment.

A first cycle should always be the least amount to initiate growth.
You will need to monitor progress. I like strength, others may prefer a much more subjective approach of scale, % bodyfat, and/or mirror.

My best guess would be a first cycle of 300mg/wk of testosterone for 10 weeks (though I always did 8 weeks when no show was at the end of the cycle.) If you made significant progress, repeat the second cycle, and check progress.

When your cycle progress plateaus, increase AAS dosage the following cycle, like either increase testosterone to 400mg or 500mg/wk, or add an oral to the 300mg/wk of test.

Use this progressive approach in your future cycles. But always keep in mind the lowest dosage that produces gains is the best protocol.


Yes and No. when I was 20 I used a Sarm Lgd 4033 for only 8 weeks didn’t notice much at all I was disappointed.

My physique pics above peeled was natural. I have to give the credit to my coach at the time because he knew what he was doing but spending 80 min a day on a stair master was not fun
I was working my ass off for 16 weeks of rigorous dieting training and cardio on several different fat burners

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Sure thing brother I will do weekly check ins with a coach most likely and would be more than willing to share progress along with diet and training habits.

I’m going to be scheduling some labs this week then will proceed from there situation dictates.

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80 mins a day…? seems a good way to make sure you don’t have the energy to continue training at the intensity you need, but whatever works.

The pictures you posted, are those current - or what you looked like before you fell off? I’m asking because it’s important to know if you’ve been actively lifting and are currently in great shape, or if you’re trying to get back into shape by abusing AAS. One of those choices is quite reasonable while the other is a great way to cause unnecessary harm. My point is that if you are only starting to get back into shape using AAS as motivation, you will likely be dependent on them to continue meeting your ‘purpose’.

Judging by this, i take it that your current physique might not match these pictures - but I have nothing to go on but your word.

Would be cool if the moment someone types in “First Cycle” they get a bunch of questions to answer. Same with threads that invariably invites “What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?”