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First Cycle Question

im thinking of doing a cycle sometime in the near future, but have to buy now as my source only has a limited quantity and i dont really trust or know any others. The steroids i can get are Sustanon and Dbol, as well as nolva for my anti e and clomid post cycle. ive been lifting hard for 4 years and have been able to put around 35-40lbs of mass over that time(roughly 235 12percent body fat now). here is what im thinking of running, any advice, criticism or whatever is greatly appreciated:

week 1-8 500mg sust frontload first week

week 1-5 Dbol 30mg ed?? also read something about tapering, wondering if i could get a little clarification here?

nolva 20mg a day(is it ok i dont have adex, or will nolva get the job done?)

clomid post 50mgs a day, 100mgs first day

like i said, not planning on running this cycle, yet i still have more research to do, just hoping ot have some questions cleared up, thanks again


For a first cycle, which is what I am doing now, I would do 250-300mg of test every 7 days for 10 weeks. Have novadex on hand for any gyno issues and do 1mg a day for 30 days of clomid for PCT. Start PCT 7 to 10 days after your last injection.

I know this sounds very low, but you will be able to determine side effects and other issues. When you introduce multiple roids it is hard to determine which is causing issues.

My two cents

Don’t begin your dbol untill the 3rd week, as you want to have built up high enough blood levels of test before begining dbol, to ensure maximum blood levels of both, for some peak growth time. Sustenon is 1/3 decanoate ester which can last in your body up to 45 days. there is no need to taper, and personally if I were doing such a short cycle I would use shorter acting test esters, such as enathate and propinate.

With such low dose of test you are doing, nolva should work fine.

dude, i just finished almost that exact same cycle just yesterday…dosages and everything. my first one as well

not sure how it will affect you, but i put on 15 lbs in 4 weeks, and then that was it. the rest of the 4 weeks i stayed the same

i only used d-bol for 4 weeks, and just days before 4 weeks my kidneys were aching so i stopped

no nipple soreness ever, even as i got flaky, so i eventually stopped taking nolva altogether so i can save it for a heavier future cycle

thanks for the advice, much appreciated guys

do u think i should bump up the cycle length to maybe 10 weeks?