First Cycle Question

Hey guys i’m new to the site but have a few questions about my first cycle. First off please dont bash me for my question and let me say i respect all the knowledge and info on this site so if you have advice please speak up.

I am 21, 6’0, 216lb and in the 10-12 BF % Range. For my first cycle i plan on running 750mg of test/week for around 12-16 weeks. I also plan on running 50 Mg dbol for the first 4 weeks. I have 3 10ML vials of pharma grade sustanon 250 and 2 vials of Testosterone Cyp. 250MG/mL from a respected UGL.

My main question is can I switch between the two esters throughout my cycle. What I mean by this is the first injection with the Test C on Sunday at 375Mg followed by 375Mg of the sustanon on Wednesday. Would this make a difference that i have a slow ester and a somewhat faster one as long as I do one of each different ester per week? The Test C. on Sundays and the sustanon on Wednesdays?

Thanks guys any feedback is greatly appreciated.

yeah, you can switch between the esters without any issue. I’d start with the sust and finish up with the cyp. No point in pinning 2 different types in a week.

I wouldn’t recommend going above 12 weeks. You’ll find your gains start to plateau about week 10 anyway.

I take it you have things like an AI and PCT all sorted too, yes?

Yes i have an AI on the way. I contacted the lab and told them that i had forgot to order an AI so they are sending one and should be on the way. I checked the website and they are out of Arimidex so I assume they will send there other AI which is Aromasin 25 mg/Ml in a 30 ML vial. How should i dose my AI and how long after i start my cycle should i start taking it? As for my PCT I have 30 50Mg tabs of Nolvadex, how do you recommend I run my PCT?