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First Cycle Question


Hey guys, got a real rookie question here. Just finished a first week of t400 ( first cycle ever) had a rough couple days getting used to it. cant even walk my ass out of the house to go train or anything, and got a textbook case of "test flu" which really sucks.

Im thinking of just ditching the 400 and switching to test e. (little less potent and shocking on the body considering I'm a first timer) so what I want to know is if it's safe for my levels and what not to just suddenly switch from multi-compound gear to a single compound one. any advice is appreciated big time seeing as I'm brand new to all of this. Thanks!



ok if you are on your first week and can get the e fast you should be good. The big question to this equation is how fast can you get the e. You have to eat a shit ton with this stuff bro, if you are used to a 3000 cal diet your body will need way more now that you are pumping jet fuel into yourself. and dont quit working out, if it hurts then toughen up and go push anyway.

as far as how much, i would pin the e 250mg mon, thurs, the test e or sustanon you are on is every other day or mon wed fri ( it is pinned more frequently)


Thanks man, that's helpful. as far as how fast I can get the e, it wouldn't be any more than a week from now, so I imagine I should be fine to make the switch