First Cycle Proposition, Please Help

Theres a SERM/AI sticky and a Gyno sticky that will give you most all info you need. Anything beyond that just ask.


[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Yes. Letro is better than nothing.

Check out the SERM/AI sticky.

iron dragon. When you have pills and still want to taper its hard to avoid taking it a few days later than youd want. If you had liquid you could count the drops and still taper it with eod dosing. [/quote]

respect thanks

Dare I suggest this guys… What would you guys think about low dose winstrol (like 25 mgs a day) for the last 5 weeks of his cycle, or a low dose of masteron for the duration of his cycle, either one to mitigate estrogen; in place of arimidex or letro…? Just throwing it out there. Big fan of masteron here…

i was actually thinkn of adding some winny to the equation, i wasnt sure if i should.