First Cycle Proposition, Please Help

Hello guys, im lookin to start my first cycle soon , i juss wanted to get some feedback on my plan, im 25 yrs old, been training on and off for 7 years. 6’1 and currently 190 pounds. ive been reading for about 5 months and researching.

Week 1-12 Test C @ 500mg (inject monday and thursday)
Week 1- 14 Arimidex @ .5mg/EOD
HCG 500iu every 3-4 day through the cycle.

PCT (start 14 days after last injection)
Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 40/40/20/20

i have a friend whose been using gear for about 8 years and he drew up a PCT for me, but ive been reading on these forums for a while now and when i looked at his PCT it looked like shit, please tell me what you think of his PCT because he swears by it,

he says to start pct 5 days after your last injection of test C, using nolvadex and clomid everyday for 30 days and 5000iu of HCG every 5 days from your last shot.

his pct sounded ridiculous to me, and he claimed that he learned from pros etc etc, however i juss thought id ask and see what people think.

i like it, nice and conservative AAS wise. I used similar one my first cycle, good results. However I used 250iu HCG, starting on week 3, and it seemed to work fine as well…its also cheaper

also as clomid and nolva are both SERMS, there is no reason to take both during PCT. nolva 40/40/20/20 will be fine

ALSO if someone can confirm this but i think 0.25 adex EOD would be enough for you on 500mg per week…

you used 250iu every 5 days, starting from week 3? yes this sounds better to me and more economical.

you used 250iu every 5 days startng from week 3? this sounds better to me as well and more economical. thanks for the feedback, also how much did u gain and how much did u retain?

can i get more thoughts and opinions, preferably by mr bonez?

[quote]endurance1 wrote:
you used 250iu every 5 days startng from week 3? this sounds better to me as well and more economical. thanks for the feedback, also how much did u gain and how much did u retain?[/quote]

with everything said and done i think i gained like 20lbs, but i cut a lot of fat in the process
you have to do other things well too like sleep a lot, and eat a lot, at the right times, as with any other training

so you lost fat on that cycle as well? did u do any cardio?

yes…insane amounts in the last 7 or so weeks…a few thousand calories a week i burned…

you can take advantage of the fact that you are in a highly anabolic millieux and your muscle will essentially not be consumed by that much cardio

My opinion is to frontload the testosterone and shorten the cycle a bit.

The rest of the info in this thread is fine.

But make sure to taper off the adex and be off completely by the end of pct. Stopping adex ‘cold turkey’ can lead to estrogen rebound.

im not quite sure how i would go about tapering adex, i would really appreciate a suggestion.

Take it less often. Im assuming its in pill form.

yes its in pill form.

bonez i understand the half life of arimidex is 72h. that would mean thats the least frequently you can take it?

i realized i cant get adex, but i can get letrozole, to my understanding letro is much more powerful than adex, what would be a typical dosage for letro? also i heard letro kills sex drive? not sure how accurate that is , if sum1 can help id apprecaite it. what would b typcail dosage while on cycle

I dont know that I’d suggest Letro for a first time user. Is there a reason youre trying to keep your estrogen levels so tightly under control? Do you have any pubertal gyno? You have a pretty manageable dosage and I always think its good to know how your body will react to a single compound for future cycle planning. Just my two centavos.


hmm well i under the impression that its good to take an AI to block out some of the excess water weight, and other sides that take place cuz of estrogen like acne and chance of gyno.

Yes. Letro is better than nothing.

Check out the SERM/AI sticky.

iron dragon. When you have pills and still want to taper its hard to avoid taking it a few days later than youd want. If you had liquid you could count the drops and still taper it with eod dosing.

I mean I am never really worried about a few extra pounds of temporary water. Letro on hand is better than nothing… I’ll agree with Bonez on that note, but I dont know about someone with 0 experience with anything going as far as needing letro unless you get a flare up. Still not understanding the purpose behind keeping your estrogen levels that low? Estrogen does help with muscle building… keeping your estrogen levels under such a tight grip can hinder your gains. Its absolutely necessary to have it on hand but I dont think its required to do a cycle safely.


i understand, in that case ill only take it as needed, if i feel symptoms of gyno?