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First Cycle Proposals


Ok Gents. It's about that time.. I've been eagerly waiting to start pinning my first cycle.. much thanks to those of you who have answered my questions and Givin me advice.. I know I've kind of been all over the place with what I'm going to run. But that's all part of putting together a good cycle..

I'm about to make my purchase this weekend so ide like a final tally of what your thoughts of the most optimal first cycle would be. (Side note).. i originally planned just Test E. But a few frinds just hopped on the test P train and fucking love it.

Option A.

Weeks 1-12 testE e3d 250mg
Weeks 1-6. TBOL 60mg ED
Adex. .25 EOD
Nolva 40/40/20/20
TestP weeks 12-14 100mg ED
durring the time frame the Enanthate ester is clearing

Option B.

Weeks 1-8 testP 100ED
weeks 1-8 Tbol 40mg ED
Nolva 40/40/20/20
(I'm not afraid of needles)
plus I'm thinking easier recovery)

Option C.

Weeks 1-10 testE 250MG Mon/Thurs.
Weeks 1-10 TrenE 300MG. Mon/Thurs.
Weeks 1-12 EQ 600MG Mon/Thurs.
weeks 1-5 Halo 30mg ED
weeks 5-12 Var. 50mg ED
weeks 10-12 TestP 100mg ED
Adex .5 EOD
caber .5 E3D

OK Option C. Was a joke for those of you who are shaking you head right now...

All I'm asking for is a simple answer..

A. Or B.

If need be, toss in some changes you would make. IMO both seem pretty sound.

Thanks again Everybody.

Also. I will be logging my cycle once I start pinning.. i don't see to many good logs going around anymore..

I promise to keep up with it..



honestly, i'd go with a basic test e/cyp cycle, of 500 mg or so for 8-12 weeks. A-dex at .25 mg EOD should manage estrogen pretty well.

for the PCT, i'd suggest 6 weeks of Nolva at 20 mg/day. (40 mg is kinda pointless, IMO)