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First Cycle, Proposal


Yo, if anyone could critique this, that would be grand.
Age: 24
Weight: 215 naked in the morning
Height: 5'11
BF: Around 10% (being modest)

Bench - 405 x 3
Deadlift - 605 x 1
Squat - 450 x 3 (low because of lower back injuries, funnily enough, doesn't effect my deadlift)

This will be my first cycle, I have never touched anabolics including PH's, etc. I've been training for 6 years.

W 1-10 Test E 500/w on Mon/Thurs
W 1-10 Anavar @ 60mg ED

The PCT and AI is what I'm having most difficulty with as there are so many contrary opinions out there it makes my head spin.

So far I'm considering the following.
Armidex on cycle, with Nolva PCT, (Nolva also on hand during cycle incase gyno flares)
I may also include HCG, should I use it during cycle? or PCT?

A friend of mine suggests running Nolva ON cycle, and PCT with Nolva//clomid, is this a better idea? or will it hinder my gains quite a bit?


Just use dbol instead of anavar. For so many reasons.
Read the SERM & AI thread- it's stickied and therefore should be easy to find.
HCG is during cycle; not pct.


Thanks man, will look over the thread you suggested. The reason I was opting for Var is because I have some top notch quality pharma tabs atm. regarding orals, would this be any good?

W 1-4 Dbol
W 6-10 Var


Just an update, as my cycle starts in 2 weeks. This is what I have planned so far. Please tell me if anything seems amiss

W 1-10 Test E 500mg/w
W 1-10 Var 60mg/ED (Bump up to 80-100mg on last couple weeks)(using because its pharmaceutical grade and i like the low toxicity//side effects aspect of the stuff, will perhaps use dbol on following cycles)

W 1-12 Adex .5mg EOD (Will drop down to .25mg in last 2 weeks [W 10-12]
W 3-10 HCG 200iu x2/w (might split this up into smaller shots and pin more often)

W 12-16 Nolva 40/40/20/20

If any of the more experienced guys can give me the Go-Ahead that'd be appreciated.



bump 4 g2g. Also, I'm switching out Enth for Sust, cuz i have some euro amps which Im confident about. I will now pin E3D's instead of mon/thurs.


I recommend EOD for Sustanon mate, look it up and you'll understand why.


thanks man i did, although apparently people have gotten away with pinning it every 3 days EOD is optimal because of the prop//phenylprop content, (I have omandren amps), since im drawing out of 250mg/ml amps, and I'm running 500mg/w, how would i Pin EOD? would i just store 0.5mL in a needle? leave it in the amp? and then pin it later? just wondering the best way to do this, I've never used an amp but i hear they are unlike vials and cannot be resealed. -cheers&ty


It would be helpful to put it in an old vial, but seeing as this is your first cycle, you probably can't throw it in an old vial...

I wouldn't even worry about the oral if this is your first cycle. Just save it for the next cycle.

If anything use some d-bol for a few weeks either at the beginning, as the test is kicking in, or you could do the last 4 weeks of the cycle, and 2 weeks after as a bridge to PCT.

If you are set on the var, then I would still consider using it as a bridge to PCT as well and wait a few weeks to start it after you start the sustanon.


Thanks man, I like that idea, and I will skip the first 2 weeks and then have a bridge at the end. Regarding the issue with storing it, I don't have any vials, so I guess I'll pull it into a syringe store it and then put on a new needle for when pinning. Unless this is highly un-advisable in which case I'll try find a place to get a hold of a sanitized empty vial. Appreciate the feed back.


I think 10 weeks of any orals is a bad idea


Forgot to mention, I wouldn't start PCT 2 weeks after finishing a sustanon cycle, best to start PCT 21 days (3 weeks) after the last sustanon injection.


Thanks bud, actually probably would of missed that completely. Forgot about the long half-life on the one ester.

nreviya: why wouldn't you do 10 weeks of Var? the damage to liver looks pretty minimal, if you're talking about it crashing my lipid values I would tend to agree...