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First Cycle Proposal


hi, i am starting my first cycle in october and was just wanting some feedback and criticism on this proposed cycle, thanx

just some information about me.i am currently 21, i have been training relgiously for the past 3 years and have been playing around for a couple of years before that, my training regime and diet are strict.
I am currently 6ft, 220lbs,with 10% bf

wk 1-12 -0.5mg of test cypionate wk
wk 1-6 -50mg of anavar ed
wk 1-12 0.5mg arimidex ed


wk 13-14 hcg
15-17 nolvadex taper of 40/30/30


Var is wasted in a first cycle.

8 weeks of test frontloaded is better than 12 weeks. IMO

4 weeks of nolvadex. Why would you choose 3 weeks? What makes you special that you dont need the standard 4th week?