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First Cycle Proposal

Alright, throwing my hat in…

I am 25, played and trained through college football. I still train basically the same, lots of strength and oly lifting.

Stats: 5’10", around 97 kg. Squat max is 250kg, Push Jerk max is 160kg, Clean max is around 150kg.

This will be my first ever ‘educated’ cycle. I have used very briefly at low doses in the past for some experimentation…I am hoping to continue strength levels.

Cycle proposal:

Wk1-4 Test Prop. 70 ED
Tren Ace 35 ED
Wk5-8 Test Prop. 125 EOD
WK9-11 Clomid PCT

Reasoning: I planned to run tren the first 4 rather than the last 4 mainly because Ive heard that tren and test should not be stopped at the same time. Also planned clomid based on the idea that nolvadex has adverse effects with progesterone.

Also, I know that with tren everday is a must, but once tren is cut out can the prop be EOD? Blood levels would be more constant with ED but are there as many issues with EOD prop as EOD tren?

Thank you…

Well after reading FuriousGeorge’s cycle post, I feel a little silly…

Running tren in a first cycle is not usually recommended but if you are seeking stregth tren is the way to go. Most will say to go with test only for a “first cycle” in order to guage your response to certain side effects.

Your tren dose is low enough that it shouldn’t cause any terrible sides. Using tren in a first cycle can be done but that’s up to you.

About your cycle layout.

Start the tren a week after the prop. The prop ester takes a little bit longer to build up than the acetate ester. I assume you are running the tren for 4 weeks. Tren weeks 2-5 should be fine in the middle of an 8 week prop cycle.

There is no reason to drop the prop dose from 70mg ED to 62mg ED. Just continue with the 70 or 75mg (3/4mL will be easier to measure) ED. Don’t shoot the prop EOD unless it is truly that much of a hassel to do ED injections.

I will never recommend anyone to use clomid. It sucks. Fuck that drug. I use nolvadex, it works. There are other SERMs available too. Run the SERM for 4 weeks, standard protocol.

Just curious why do you feel silly after reading FG’s thread?

Mostly joking, he has a very long and in-depth plan plotted out. In comparison this looked very amateur, which it should…

I like that you did enough research to find out that little tid bit about the nolvadex, but I do not think you need to worry. As long as you stop the trenbolone early, and run the testosterone prop past it, you should be fine.

If you can do it, I would run the proprionate straight through at 100mg/day
so your new cycle would be
wks 1-8 100mg/day Test P
wks 2-6 35mg/day Tren A
wks 9-13 Clomid
Run the clomid for at least three weeks, I would go the full four just to be sure.

Also, I would look into getting an AI at 750mg/week you probably will need one.

EDIT: Just re-read saw that it is your first cycle, perhaps it will be better to stick with the 75mg/day of prop, sorry for overlooking it.

Oh I forgot to mention you will need an AI.

Look into cabergoline as well. I don’t have experience with it, but many choose to at least have it in their possession just in case.

There is some fear regarding tren first bout, but OP educate yourself on the steps you need to take in case of “oh shit” moments/side effects and grab it by the horns and getir done. Throw some dbol in the mix and you’ll have the trinity of evil. Guaranteed to boost numbers and pack size on the frame.