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First Cycle, Prone to Gyno

Ok so i started my first cycle (going for 12 weeks) last Thursday, July 4, I am taking 500 mg of test along with 500 mg of Boldenone per week, (250 mg of each on Thursday and 250 mg on Monday) . However i am super worried about gyno, since i developed gyno on puberty and actually went through surgery to remove them, so i can say i’m prone to gyno and I’m scared that it might come back, I haven’t took any AI although i recently bought exemestane genepharm (aromasin) from the pharmacy. I have heard a lot of negative comments about AIs and how they can reduce muscle gain along with dryness of joints and so on… So should i start taking them to be on the safe side? I haven’t done any blood work yet, i’m planning to very soon just to know where i’m at but i need some advice on whether it would be a good idea if i took like 12.5 mg eod of aromasin through the whole cycle.

Even at 12.5 EOD you could lower your estrogen unnecessarily. I too had Gyno through puberty, and ran DBol and Test E without AI. We are all different though.
If you’re seriously worried, I have seen some recommend Nolva 10mg -20mg Ed if Gyno is your only concern. No first hand experience, but have seen it mentioned. Maybe search around.

What did your pre lab blood work look like? E2? Prolactin?

Do you know the name of the surgery you had? If they removed your mammary glands you can never get gyno again no matter how high your E2 get. You could turn in to a raging bitch and never grow tits, haha


Yes, i removed the glands, but i have read that through steroids there is a possibility of them growing back.

Stupidly enough, i didn’t get pre lab blood work done, I will be getting it done between these 2 days though and try to use it as a baseline if possible? Since i’m still on day 4

You should not need an AI with EQ in your cycle. Read up about it and see what it does to e2 IRL. Tons of guys have crashed their e2 by using EQ with low dose test and/or adding an AI.

So i should be ok running what i’m running now with no AI, what if i started getting symptoms of gyno, should i then take the aromasin? I am going to post the blood work results once i get it done.

If you’re worried about gyno only then you should have some Nolva on hand and use that as a prophylactic treatment. Aromasin is scorched earth, Nolva is a smart bomb.

I’ve had gyno surgery where they were supposed to remove all glands but on one side there are still some. Granted it’s barely noticeable. I too went gyno psycho in the beginning but in reality it’s likely not going to happen. Worse case scenario you get some tamoxifen and have it on hand. It’s even shown to reverse existing gyno if caught within the first year. Tamoxifen is so cheap and easy to get there’s no reason to not have it. Google aipct

So i spoke to my trainer/dealer who’s giving me the injections and i told him that I’ve read that taking aromasin isn’t such a good idea (he’s the one that advised me to buy it) and he told me that he doesn’t like prescribing arimidex or nolvadex to his clients because they might activate cancer, and that aromasin is safer as long as i take multivitamins to reduce the side effects. And he also told me to take it only when symptoms of gyno start occuring, so what do you guys think of his advice? He is a very experienced guy but i’m getting confused between what i read on the internet and what he tells me.

Nolva…might “activate cancer”…even though it’s primary use is in, wait for it, women with breast cancer. Man I wish I could flex that hard with a straight face.

Listen, it’s your life, but let me give you some advice that should be good for general purposes: do not base your drug consumption on the word of a drug dealer. They operate from a position of motivated reasoning.

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Im sure this good honest gentleman will tell you whatever it is that’s will force you to buy what he has in stock

You mentioned nolva as a preemptive strike against Gyno. Out of curiosity, I’ve seen some suggest 10 and others 20mg daily. What do you suggest guys take as a preventative? Or wait until the slightest symptoms arrive and then start it?
Thankfully never had the issue, but always in the back of my mind.

Yes, i am well aware of it’s primary use that’s why i’m asking here, maybe it has some other relationship with cancer (not breast cancer specifically) i don’t know, but i won’t be taking it.

Well, actually he can get me nolva and arimidex and maybe make a profit off of it but he actually told me to buy aromasin from the pharmacy…

I believe Physio recommended 20mg e3d or something to that effect. But I bet someone could get away with half that if it’s just used as a prophylactic.

So what will you be using for pct?