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First Cycle, Progress So Far

@valve_timing It takes a fairly long time for test E to reach its peak, mine stayed really low for quite a while after starting but have a look at it now.

So only after 3.5 weeks you started to feel strenght and energy gain? I am on 16 days. Today couldn’t workout but at day 13 I didn’t notice yet

I am using sustanon though

I front loaded 800mg for the first week and noticed small strength gains after 4 weeks then they really picked up from there. If your using sus you should notice them around the same time if not quicker depending on how often your pinning. To have the prop in the sus reach any kind of steady blood levels you need to be pinning eod (which is what will give you the boast in the beginning compared to only running test E)

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I am doing 2x per week, each time 250mg

so i should expect to feel strength and energy around 4 weeks right?

i am getting 0.25 mg Arimidex once every 2 days

so far didnt notice any bad side effects thank Allah

so this was taken how many weeks in im pinning week 5 this coming thursday and i was planning to bump my dose up a slight bit this is my second cycle at 500mg per week . iv seen some slight strength gain but at this point hard to tell if its me or if its the drugs lol im a pretty self motivated vet ! i will say my stamina has improved and i know the dbol has added some strength… lol i kinda contridicted myself there a bit. And i front loaded a full gram my first week. looking back it may have been a waste of oil.

Yeah you should notice strength gains soon, if I were you I would be pinning eod though.

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing looking back on my front load, doesnt seem like it got blood levels to steady any sooner then just running the normal amount and waiting. This blood test was 10 weeks in and currently running 600mg p/w.

nice im gonna bump it up i added some masteron E at 300 a week as well. so we will see how things go.

@valve_timing The gains are coming!

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after how many weeks exactly does the blood levels reaches top steady level?

i plan to get a blood test and i would like to see its top level

or should i get in week 4 and later get another one?

I get a blood test every few weeks. Get one at 4 weeks to check everything then your T should really hit its peak around the 8 week mark so get another around then.

Yeah I was a bit stronger today hit some chest and shoulders my numbers are shit right now I’m 4 months removed from rotator cuff surgery but I did hit 225 for 5 on incline . I was def impressed by that considering I lost a good amount of strength when I came
Off my last cycle for surgery . I’m going back to the va to get bloods run third the 28th before I pin again . I’m going to up my dosage to either 650 or 750.

Fuck 225 for 5 incline isnt bad at all. Rotator cuff injuries would be a night mare.
Take it easy on the dosage so you still have somewhere to go with later cycles. I dont know about you but I dont plan to touch anything harder then test due to anxiety issues so I need to leave the door open for bigger cycles down the track.

yeah just a small bump up along with the masteron should be good . i was gonna do a bulker in the late summer early fall but i’m going to try and get into my first show in september so im gonna come off end of April . then end of june hop right back on for a cut . yea the 225 felt good usually i have issues fully engaging my chest on incline but i’m effing feeling it today. and my rotator is recovering well i work on mobility and external rotation every gym session. im 36 but i still seem to heal like wolverine…lol but ive always been a active person and taken care of myself for the most part .

Just dont push it too hard, you dont want to bust the rotator again lol

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Lol for sure bro health is wealth

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