First Cycle Product

Hey fellas I’m currently putting together my first test only cycle and have a quick question

The guy I’m sourcing from sells both (Test E/C 250) however he also sells Test 400, the price for the Test 400 is relatively close to the price of a single Test 250 vial. Im fairly conservative with money just out of habit, so I’m wondering if the test 400 would be the way to go for my first cycle?
even though it is 100mg less then the traditional 500mg for 10-12 weeks beginner cycle.

I guess something I’m also worried about is the true mg of product even though he is a verified Australian source

Thanks for your time

I can’t advice directly for if you should be considering AAS at all or wether you should use the 250mg/ml or the 400 but I will say this
500mgs/wk is the recommended beginner dose for a 1st cycle. Just because you buy 400mgs/ml does not mean you will need to dose at 400mgs/wk, lol
250mgs/ml = 2ml injected each week (preferably 1ml twice)
400mgs/ml = 1.25ml injected weekly (preferable .625ml twice)