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First Cycle Primo and Test


Hello everyone, I’ll start by saying I’m new to this forum and simply looking for input from more experienced people in order to make the most educated decisions with my career.
21 years old, trained and dieted since 15
Around 7-8% bf and 185 lbs (my university has a bod pod so I’m not throwing bullshit) I grew up with a step mom who is no longer my step mom but was once upon a time an ifbb pro. The only reason I add that info is to let y’all know I’m not the dillisional 21 year old that thinks I’ll be handed a pro card. I have been assured by many judges and close friends in the industry that I have a shot, personally I would stay natty if I didn’t think I could make it in this world.
My questions are simple, I want to reach 200 naturally before I take any PEDs, this gives me time to develope a better understanding and ensure that crossing that line would even be benificial. I’d like to know the answer to 3 related questions.

  1. can you run a promo cycle with only hcg for 12 weeks without complete shutdown?
  2. I I was to run low dose test and 400mg primo is there anyway to start natty test production before pct?
  3. can I run that primo and test cycle with moderate suppression and fully restore my HPTA axis?
    Last necessary info
  4. money is by an issue, not being arrogant my trainer is a Dr and would sponsor my use.
  5. the primo is real, yes it’s from turkey
  6. I have no health issues, I’ve had many tests since I’m a paranoid newbie!
  7. last but not least please don’t tell me just run test, because I probably will do that, however I’m looking for the answers to my questions. thanks everyone, super stoked to be part of t nation!

  1. primo is not so suppressive as other components. it does not aromatize but as said it will suppress your HTPA. Any gear do that at a certain level
  2. keep HCG done. till you have sovra phisio levels of testosterone in your blood your HTPA will be off. Plan a PCT
  3. you can restore it by a proper PCT. If you do not do PCT, yuour HTPA will swith on but it will take longer. During that time you will loose most your gains