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First Cycle, Pre-Cycle and 4 Week Blood Work


Hey Guys. So I’m 4 weeks in on my first cycle.
Cycle consists of 500mg Test E, split on Mondays and Thursdays.
40mg Dbol every day, split into 2 20mg doses per day
Running 250 IU of HCG 2x a week, started week 3, (Same day as test injects)
Research Chem Anastrazole .5mg EOD

Additional DAILY supplementation: 10,000IU Vitamin D, 5g fish oil, 1300mg Milk Thistle, 3600mg NAC, 6 Liv 52 pills per day (all daily supps divided into morning and evening dosing), 5g creatine and 5g glutamine per day in addition to typical protein shakes a few times a day.

Diet is flexible but eating hard. Macro targets are about 400g protein, 275g carbs, and 100g fat per day. I typically eat most of my food towards the end of the day, and have to train in the late evening due to school and work commitments. I was planning on starting a cardio regiment after the discontinuation of dbol at week 6.

Start of cycle stats: 219 pounds, 27.2 % BF, (159 lbs LBM, 59 lbs fat)
4 weeks in stats: 240 pounds, 27.2 % BF, (175 lbs LBM, 65 lbs fat)

Based on the liver values in my recent lab results, I will finish my dbol in two weeks for a 6 week total. Liver values are pretty good compared to the SARMS stack I ran earlier this year. Yes, I know I am still “fat”, but before I started this cycle I dropped right about 35 pounds of fat. Wanted to run a cycle and gain some strength and LBM before starting another cutting cycle, as I lost a lot of strength when I lost all the previous weight.
Max bench is 315, up from 250. Max Deadlift is now 455, up from around 375. Max squat is now right around 385-405, up from 275.
I have been adding size in the areas I have really aimed to add size, (chest, traps, back)

I’ve been feeling good too. Libido is high, been trying to nail every chick that’s even halfway cute. Getting lots of attention from women half my age in the gym,(I’m almost 40). The wood is stronger than it’s been in a long time, (had pretty low T before starting the cycle, but still can’t find a doc to do TRT). Little ball shrinkage but not much. I am retaining a good amount of water/bloat, but BP has been stable and only slightly increased. Resting heartrate is way elevated though, at around 75-80 now, and was about 65-70 before cycle. No signs of gyno. I have Letro on hand. I have been getting a lot of joint stiffness so I was considering adding deca after discontinuing the dbol. Cycle will run 12 weeks total. I have Clomid and Anastrozole and Letro and more HCG on hand.

I guess my questions regarding my lab results are pretty simple. Does anybody see anything I should worry about? at first I was concerned about the high E2, but then I came across an article showing the ideal E2 isn’t a specific number, but rather ideal at a ratio compared to the total test value. But I’ll be damned if I cannot find the article again. Any thoughts on the platelet count? And these FSH and LH values are what I should expect correct? Do these LH and FSH values indicate any problems with my HCG?
To address what I was thinking regarding the E2. I read somewhere that the ideal E2 to Test ratio is between 14-20. SO assume my test is 1500, divide that by E2 of 105, that puts my ratio at about 15. Without knowing my exact T number, that’s obviously my best guess.
I was planning on doing another set of labs at 8 weeks also, and while I do not have a ton of money these days, if there is anything specific that I really have a good reason to add to my lab tests I will, and welcome your thoughts on this.
This lab panel was the female hormone panel from PrivateMDLabs

These are my precycle labs.


If you went to a aging clinic, you could easily get TRT. Your numbers were low pre cycle as well as LH and FSH. That being said if you are not running an AI and not having issues, I wouldn’t worry about it. High E2 doesn’t bother some. Just run a proper PCT. You LH and FSH will be zero because of the exogenous test right now. That’s where they are supposed to be until after your PCT.


Well I decided to up my Anastrozole to .5mL ED. Feeling much less joint aching. I do however seem to have a pretty good amount of water retention and pitting edema on my legs by my ankles. I’m hopeful that it is from the high E2 and not from an infection. (I alternate quad injections)
I’ve had a few times where I had a red spot and warm skin after injections, but it usually subsides after a few days. But this week I have a big knot just below where I normally inject, and higher amount of edema on that leg.
I have not had a fever but if I do get one, I will for sure get into the ER. Was thinking about trying some OTC diuretics but not sure if they would really matter of not


Just to follow up, the pitting edema dissipated quickly after I discontinued the use of the DBOL. I think the Dbol and test together at weeks 5 and 6 was a bit too much water for me.