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First Cycle -Powerlifter

Hey Guys,
Just wondering what is the general consensus is for a first cycle for a powerlifter.
My stats are as follows:
Height: 6 foot
Bodyweight: 115kg
Bodyfat: 15% atleast lol
Best comp lifts Squat 255kg Bench 145kg Deadlift 257.5kg

The goal for the cycle would be to gain strength with minimum bloat and water.
General i’ve seen people run test e at 500mg a week plus a light dose of orals leading into the comp.
Just want to hear some other opinions on what people have been successful and unsuccessful with .


You’ve got it. Just run test e at 500mg/wk and enjoy.

Just a word of advice since you’re a powerlifter: resist the urge to go up in weight as fast as you can. Avoid 1RMs at all cost unless its for a meet. Instead use the weights you’re already doing and increase your training volume as gains allow.

Make sure you do your research regarding AI, hCG, and PCT before starting.

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10-12 weeks out of the meet do a simple 500mg test and 4 weeks out add in a low 20mg dbol or tbol since you don’t want the bloat at all.

Okay cool , good to get another opinion . I had a look at hcg and some
believe this can develop estrogenic side effects. Also what is the general
belief on males run anavar for strength and what type of progress have they

I would advice being careful with your lifts as well. Your main muscle groups are going to get stronger quick but your connective tissues won’t. Since you are already lifting very heavy weights, and then gaining a ton more strength, the window for injuries will open. Go steady and easy with the progress.

I’m 4 weeks into my first cycle as well, and would echo what blshaw just said. I’m running 500mg test E per week, with 40mg dbol a day. Strength gains are through the roof, (although not anywhere near your numbers).
But I can certainly tell that there is now way the connective tissues are groing and getting stronger nearly as fast as the muscle tissue is. So I am focusing on pushing more volume.
4 weeks in and my 5x5 weights are now 10 rep sets. Hopefully at the end of the cycle, this extra volume will convert to retained strength increases due to the increased volume.

Just remember, if you have a perfect cycle planned, and continually overload trying to push your 1RM, eventually you will hit a point where the connective tissues fail. Your cycle will be all for naught if you get injured.
I’m sure you already considered this, but having seen insane strength increases the last few weeks I thought it was worth mentioning. I was pretty scared that I almost tore a pec two weeks ago when I felt sharp pain and twitching during a heavy set at the insertion point. It was an eye opener for me.

^^^ That’s exactly I said resist the urge to go up in weight quickly. Scary shit starts to happen when you push the limits of your tendons.

forsure I will definitely not push it too hard , my coach has coached plenty of enhanced lifters and knows how to adjust accordingly