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First Cycle Post Torn Meniscus


Whats up every 1, first post though i've lingered for awhile. Im an 22 year old amateur mixed martial artist with a background in both wrestling and muay-thai. I was fighting at 6'5 205, and never made the cut easy, but still made it.

I messed up my knee about 5 months ago, turns out its a torn Meniscus, so I decide to get arthroscopic surgery done to repair it. surgery was about 15 days ago, first few days were horrible but after getting 185 mls of blood removed via 16 gauge syringe (ouch), its finnaly begining to heal up, I can almost walk decently, and can ride a bike very lightly.

I have also put on about 15 pounds, and softened up alot because my training was going to shit before the surgery also (severe knee pain). im walkin around at 230 and probs 15% bodyfat, alot more then is ideal for me. I was informed by some of my trainers it will take me months to get my strength back before we can even think about cutting again.

At this point right before a possible professional break through I cant have this, I know I should not rush things though. Im considering at approx 2 months after surgery running a cycle of Galenika's Testosterone Depo at 375 mg's weekly, along with Nolvadex post cycle (maybe during if needed). I also have Proviron but im saving that for when my body is ready to cut.

Does this sound like a good first cycle, I dont want to bulk up, just harden up, re-build my strength base and get rid of all muscular atrophy. I know this will not help heal my knee, but it will help with muscular atrophy because of the surgery.


You will still lose strength. You will still lose conditioning. You will still not be at anything NEAR fighting strength when you return AND if you cycle, you will also have to deal with recovery which in all likelyhood is going to inhibit your progress as much as prevent losses.

The reason is that cycling steroids is very much a 5 steps forward, 2 back game - but as you won't be training, you will be stood still THEN take 2 steps back.

Plus seeing as you have never cycled before, my opinion is - No.

375mg is a strange number to come up with, i assume that is based on 3x 0.5ml shots/week at 250mg/ml?
Either way it will inhibit your own production and slow collagen synthesis - not something you want in your state.

In regards to your opinions on Proviron, i am torn between being utterly confused and simply walking away; the latter wins as my advice is to not cycle anyway.

15% bodyfat is by no means 'chubby' even, and i wonder if you are actually quite a bit over that... That said - you are obviously a pure ectomorph at 6'4" and 205lbs (have you gained the majority of the weight on your stomach this past few weeks?)

No, don't bother.. you would be better off doing some sort of cycle after you recover and begin training again.

GH would be an altogether choice for during your recovery.



375 mg is one 1.5 ml shot of 250mg/ml test E (1 and a half Amps per shot). I have been wrestling since 11 I first did heavyweight MMA at 225-230, I am very used to cutting and walk around at 220 when im in shape (fight at 205), just now im alot softer then usual.

Freestlye wrestling conditioned me well and im by no means and ectomorph, I am regularly in single digits bodyfat for weigh-ins. About the GH my source has name brand and generic GH (151 amino) and IGF-1, I could only really afford 100 I.U's of it though is that anywhere near enough for my purposes, I know little to nothing about GH and sorry for asking when so un-informed but would 100 I.U's suffice?


1 shot a week huh?

Gee Wiz.


What do you think an ectomorph is? From your post you seem to think that being tall and holding very little fat is not related to that somatotype.
Simply put you are tall and slim..

If your source has branded and generic GH - then i would assume too that he has decent prices too.
100iu is hardly worth bothering with EXCEPT you have a very specific goal to achieve and IMO that could help greatly.

Plus seeing as you have never run steroids and know little about the subject as a whole, i was not really saying you should use GH, but merely pointing out that this would be better for your particular goals than anabolic steroids.

That said - I don't see why 50 days of 2iu injected into the knee (sub-C) would be of much issue for a beginner and with a good rehab training regime you will definitely reap some rewards from that..

100iu should not cost you more than $250 usd including delivery. Anymore and i personally would buy it (some posters here are happy to pay >$500 for a kit as long as it is branded, but not me).

IGF would also be of use but again, i wouldn't suggest it's use in someone who doesn't know how to use it themselves OR doesn't know but doesn't use a (PED) coach of some sort.

In conclusion, i suggest you focus on your recovery - maximising it as best you can while not putting yourself in a position which will impede your progress once your knee is better (a poorly designed steroid cycle for example).
Then build up your strength and conditioning slowly till you get to a point where if you want to use PED - you will be in a position to reap the rewards..



Thanks for the good advice brook, Im running the chineese generic blue top IGF-1, and hgh fragment 176-191 for about 1 week now. Already seeing seemingly more rapid recovery of my range of motion. Back to training also but im taking it slow so far. Also another question most of the other mma guys I talk to cycle test and EQ in very low doses, but due to EQ's detection period its a no-no for me, but what about cycling anavar alone for mma? or any other compounds which may be better suited to the sport? Also yea I didnt kno what I was doin with the IGF and HGH so I got someone who knew better to reconstitute it with Bac water, and show me how to sub-q it. Ive read about IM'ed IGF working better is this true?