First Cycle Post-Biceps Tendon Rupture

I’m going to be starting a Test E/Eq cycle next week and want to get the dosage right. Here’s the background: Back in February, I ruptured my left distal biceps tendon in my opening deadlift at a powerlifting meet. Reattachment surgery was a few days later. It’s been healing long enough that I can get back to lifting seriously.

Now, I want to make EQ a big part of all my cycles for the foreseeable future to take advantage of its restorative effects on tendons. I’ll be running it at 400mg/week. The question is really about dosing the Test E. Should I run it at 500mg/week, as I would if I weren’t recovering from a slow-healing injury, or would that amount inhibit collagen synthesis in the tendon and counteract the benefits of the EQ?

I read somewhere that when using EQ for tendon health you should keep test to 200mg/week.

Any input about the dosage (or recommendations for anything else to include in the cycle), especially from people who’ve experienced similar injuries, would thoroughly make my day.

Id be careful with that bicep brother…Ive had same thing, about 1.5 years ago, the thing still feels weird during certain lifts, and fatigues much quicker than the other arm…and if Im correct a few others on here had a thread going and the attachment to the bone is not fully healed for like 12-16 months or some ridiculously long period…

Im on HRT, so not going over 200mg week, but totally curious about that…and all the things in that one urban legend post that Deca, Var, Primo, Eq, all heal connective tissue at specific rates, but as far as I know no references have ever been found where they came up with those numbers…as well, where did the 200mg Test week come about as far as not impairing healing of soft tissue injuries? Wouldnt that be dependent on a persons size, where their T levels are to start with, etc?

Im totally curious though so look forward to some of the vets posting on this topic

darn i keep checking back on this as im interested on input for you and my curiosity sake…nada hmmm