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First Cycle Possible Infection?


So I am new to this site as a user, but I have looked through many forums on here the past few weeks if I ever needed to find some information. But now I feel like I personally need some helpful info. Im in my 8th week of Test e 600mg a week. I injected thursday in my left glute and I have a swollen ball thats slightly red. This has happened a few times on my right glute but it was a more wider range of swollen that was not as red. Im heading into Wednesday and this ball hasn’t gotten any worse in pain or size but my anxiety is kicking in lately and I feel like I could have possibly infected the area. The injection was just as routine as my others, everything clean an in the right order. Any ideas? Just paranoid?


I can’t see any infection if you’re using sterile practices
What gauge and length of needles are you using? Maybe you skimped on depth of injection?


I pin with 23 gauge 1 inch, but the previous two weeks I used 1.5 inch because I ran out of 1 inch. Im guessing I should go back to 1.5 because I may not be going deep enough into the muscle.


I can’t be certain but for glutes you can go deeper. Google and research to confirm. I’m just trying to give you ideas
If you pin with 1" and only go 3/4" that could def be a prob
Again, I’m leery to give advise. Please consider your practices and research further before taking my advice as gospel
TONS of great info on here


Thank you! Appreciate the help