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First Cycle: Please Help


Hi. I am actually a semi-regular participant in the boards and have been a member of T-mag for years, but I have recently decided to do my first cycle and, because of my position in my community, I don't feel comfortable posting under my normal handle, which includes my real name and plenty of personal information. I hope you'll forgive that.

I am 31, 5'11", around 200lbs. Body fat is unknown but I imagine it is around 10%. My diet is decent but not obsessively clean as I am interested in gaining. That said, I am definitely not a bulk-at-all-costs kinda guy. I like to look good year round. I am interested in getting as big as possible while still looking decent. I work out 4 days a week, basing my workouts around the big lifts.

Based on what I have said, you can probably guess I do not want to bloat up, especially as I tend to hold water and fat in my face (one of the reasons I have a problem with letting my bf% travel too high).

Here is the cycle I am thinking about.

Week 1-4 Test enan 500 (600?)mg split into two shots a week.
Methanabol (Methandienone) 40mg ED
Week 5-12 Remove Methanabol continue Test enan as before

How does this look? Instead of Test I was also thinking of Deca-Durabolin because of the milder sides. This is my first time doing this and I am pretty concerned about side effects.

Which leads to my next question. There is so much conflicting information about peri and post cycle therapy on the net that I am just not sure how I should run this? Any suggestions?

I live in a country where steroids are legal for personal use but as demonized and misunderstood by the general populace as they are in America/Canada. Good thing for me is that it is simple and cheap for me to order them discreetly. I can get pretty much whatever I want so alternate suggestions are welcomed. Thank a whole lot for your time and help.


Test-E and Dbols you are going to bloat no questions about it...I have the same problem with bloating so my last cycle I did, and it worked great for me.

week 1-4: dbol tabs 30mg/day
week 1-12: Test-C 500mg/week
week 1-10: EQ 300mg/week
week 8-12: Stanabol tabs 40mg/day

Gained 32 pounds, and when i started the stanabol tabs, got rid of all the unwanted bloating..end result 21 pounds solid lean muscle...and a very hard look....i would recommend this to anyone.


any side effects? What about PCT etc?


This is my first post here, but I do have plenty of experience on other sites. There are things you can do to keep the bloat down with the cycle you are running. If you want to get some arimidex you can take it @ .25 mg/day and it will keep a large amount of bloat off. It will also hamper some of your gains, but not much, and if you don't want to bloat up it's not a bad trade off. I run mine for 2 weeks when I start to get bloated and it cuts it out, then I get off of it until I need it again.

As far as PCT there are a lot of diff opinions, but I'm still a fan of clomid and nolva. I am currently running:
700 test enth 1-12
600 eq 1-12
45 mg/dbol ed 1-6
IGF 40 ug twice daily *on workout days only 1-4 weeks and again weeks 12-16

I am just using clomid @ 300 mg starting @ week 14, and week 15, then going down to 200 mg for weeks 16 and 17. I'll also be running nolva @ 40, 40, 20, 20 respectively. So there's my PCT, it's pretty basic, but it seems to work well for me.


Great post SpidermanMC, this is exactly the type of feedback I am looking for. So are you saying that you don't worry about taking anything during the cycle, i.e. all clovid and nolvadex is taken starting about two weeks after your last shot (12th week)? And nothing in addition to that (aside from the the noted Arimidex)?

Also, as I assume this is what you do because it's what you've done in the past and it has worked well for you, then I take it also you have experienced few to no side effects and hold on to most of your gains? I don't appear to have the gene for balding but I don't wanna take any chances and I could do without the acne and sure as hell don't want titties, not on me at least.

Thanks for your help and I'd still like to hear the experiences of others and their opinions regarding my planned cycle.


No sides at all for me, I didn't use arimidex, I wanted to get the most mass out of the cycle at the beginning, Had nolva and proviron on hand incase of Gyno, For PCT I ran 100mg/week 14, 50mg/week 15-17 and nolva 40,20,20 and Proviron 25mg/day for 30days...I find the proviron really gets the libdo working again.


You are correct. I don't worry about taking anything else during, and I do hold on to most of my gains, but this has a lot to do with diet, workout, and PCT. However, I have had side-effects. I usually get acne pretty bad when I come off and go on clomid, but never had gyno. Not really going bald yet, so we'll see if that happens. Just my .02. Good luck w/it bro


Cool thanks man. I appreciate your advice and will post up again in a couple of months when I start. May even keep a log.


You have been a member for years and are a regular participant, however you were still comtemplating deca for a frist cycle with no suggestion at all for test?

Going through many of the threads on here you will notice that your proposed test w/d bol cycle is the norm for a first. Save the eq for round two. Sure you may make slightly more gains, however its not necessary. Run the adex at .25 mg EOD to help minimize bloat and eat cleaner.

Most like run eq for 12-15 weeks to get the full benefits.


I said am contemplating Test enanthate for twelve weeks with an oral to kick it off... I was asking a question about deca because of my concern with bloating. There's no need for the condescending tone. I have just recently started studying the steroid section of this site and others because I did not realize that I could not only obtain steroids where I live but that they are also legal for personal use. Feel free to PM me if you believe I have some other agenda or that I am lying.

Never said eq either. The adex info I can use, and will probably do this as you are the second person who has suggested, thank you.


Realistically, none of that gear is responsible for bloating during cycle. It will come from the amount of carbs you take in. I being you would personally cut all sugars from my diet during cycle and keep carbs down to a minimum, only taking in a minuscule percentage with my post-workout shake.

But the tangent there is if I cared about bloating. Unless your profession could potentially raise the suspicion of steroids (which shouldn't matter, since you say it's legal where you live), or you're already having trouble fitting into those tight, pre-faded blue jeans you just got from the Gap, I'd just embrace it as a temporary inconvenience.