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First Cycle (Please Help)

I would appreciate any comment on the following cycle, which would be my first:

Week 1-2:
Turanabol 50mg/day
Primobolan 500mg/week

Week 3-4:
Turanabol 30mg/day
Stanabol 20mg/day
Primobolan 500mg/week

Week 5-6:
Turanabol 20mg/day
Stanabol 30mg/day
Primobolan 500mg/week

Week 7-9:
Clomid 100mg/day

Will consider keeping Turanabol at 50mg/day through the entire cycle and add Stanabol at the dosages outlined above if that is not too hard on the liver.

Other Drugs/Supplements:
I have been taking Finasteride at 1mg/day for about 8 years now so will keep using it. Will add LIV-52 and Milk Thistle.

I understand that Testosterone Enanthate at say 500mg/week would be a much better option than Primobolan and give me greater gains but my main goal is to add and keep as much size as possibile (12-15 lbs would be great) while trying to minimize or avoid bloat.

That would make a little bit easier to try to fool everyone at the office that I’m just working out to get ready for the beach istead of using steroids (I do not wish to jeopardize my career).

My stats: 29 years old, 5’9", 188 lbs, 7% bf.

I wwould definately say test would get better resu,lts especially on your first cycle. Although primo would be the safe bet. You should recieve moderate gains and little or no side effects. However like i said above using test at a moderate dose, say 600mg a week would give you way better results. To avoid bloat take an AI and watch your carbohydrate intake. I have been shredded on 1000mg of test its all abouyt diet

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Thanks for your help. A couple of questions:

How long should I run the Primobolan at 500mg/week to get the results I’m after?

As far as I know taking 17AA orals any longer than 6 weeks would increase the associated risks. Should I just take the Primobolan at the end of the cycle?