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First Cycle, Please Help

Hey guys, running my first cycle and I want to know if I’m running a good cycle or not:
Is there anything I could improve on?
Constructive criticism is welcomed

Test E: 500mg (250mg twice/week) weeks: 1-12
Dbol: 25mg ED Weeks 1-6
weeks 13-14 nothing
Nolvadex 40mg wks: 15-16
Nolvadex 20mg wk 17.

Good dosages. You could probably get away with running 40-50mg of Dbol but nothing wrong with starting small and building from there.
Keep an AI on hand. Adex or Aromasin. Wouldn’t hurt to have some hcg on hand as well, most of us don’t bounce back as well as we would like.

Everything else looks good.

Run an AI