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First Cycle Please Give Me Your Thoughts

So I’m doing 500 mg of test E W 1-12 and 20 mg of dbol 1-6
Im finishing up my third week and I’ve gone from 212 to 231 my strength is way up
Keep in mind I’m a teen I’m 6’ and I’m. Linemen in football which is the main reason I chose this cycle is this kind of weight gain normal I’m not taking any AI I don’t see the point anymore because by the time it comes in I’ll be off of the dbol

Researched and prepared for this real hard huh?


I have stopped commenting on most new topics like this because as soon you help one idiot out another one comes along lol…

I just don’t understand why people find it so hard to search first cycles or any cycle info for that matter, grasp the fact running an AI and HCG on cycle is standard practice and then follow it up with a SERM PCT… It is just so easy haha.

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