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First Cycle. Please Critique

195 pounds
Bench 245x5
Squat 315x5
Deadlift 315x3

I’m going for straight strength on this. I am not overly concerned with bodyfat but would like to stay aesthetic.

I have turinabol, sustamed 250, test 400 and tomaxifen.

The test 400 I’m not sure how good it is or how harsh it will be after injection, I’ve heard it hurts like a bastard because of the BA in the gear. Here is the proposed cycle

Week 1 Frontload ED w/.5mL of test 400 m-f with 30 mg of Tbol ED to kickstart first 2 weeks
Week 2 M/Tues/Thurs/Fri .5mL test 400 w/the Tbol running ED from start
Week 3-8 Mon/Thurs Sus250

1 week after start 40mg/day of Tomaxifen for 1 wk, 20mg/day for weeks 2 and 3.

That is what I have. The only thing I may change is pinning week 2 on only M/W/F and week three taking it 2 times a week with the sustamed. Please critique.