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First Cycle, Please Check It Out


This will be my first cycle. I have been training for 5+ years and am 172 with about 6%bf, rock hard and very strong for my weight..

Ive spent the last 6 months or so getting my diet perfect, clean at about 4-5k calories a day and 300-400 grams of protein.

Right now the cycle im planning to do is this:

Weeks 1-8: Test Prop 50mg/ed
Weeks 1-8: Proviron 50mg/ed
Weeks 1-8 Adex .25mg/eod
Weeks 3-8 Oral Winny 50mg/ed

The test dose is low, but ive been all natural up until this so i plan to get some good gains from it.

The only thing i have left to decide is pct. Can i use HCG to hickstart my hpta and not use a serm like nolva? When and in what dose should i take it?



Why on earth would you think you can? Do some research and dont ask stupid questions that have been asked 1000 times prior