First Cycle - Playing Safe

Hi guys, I just joined up today after reading through countless posts over the last few weeks.

I am thinking of starting a 10 week cycle of supertest 400. 400mg/week (200mg tues/fri)

I have a slight worry. I am currently taking Ritalin for ADHD, does anyone know of how this could affect things for me? I haven’t found much help online regarding this. My blood pressure whilst on medication is actually still perfectly fine, but I was wondering if doing a test cycle could increase this somewhat?

I have also heard that supertest 400 is quite painful? Although the guy I’m getting it off has had no problems & said that if I inject slowly etc that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue

I’ve been training on and off for about 5 years, but have stepped my training up as strict as possible these last 12 months. I am currently working out 5 times per week:

Monday - Legs: Squats (6 x 6)
Leg Press (4 x 8)
Leg Curl ( 4 x 8)
Seated Calf Raise (4 x 15)
Donkey Calf Raise (4 x 15)
Leg Extention (4 x 8)

Tuesday - Chest: Flat DB/BB Bench (4 x 8)
Incline DB/BB Bench (4 x 8)
Decline DB/BB Bench (4 x 8)
Dumbell Flies (4 x 8)
Dips (4 x ??)
Tricep cable pulldowns (4 x 8)

Wednesday - Back: Pull ups (4 x as many as I can do)
Seated Row (4 x 8)
Lat Pull down close grip (4 x 8)
Wide Grip Row (rhoms/traps etc) - (4 x 8)
Shrugs (4 x 8)

Thursday - REST

Friday - Repeat Tuesday (from Barbell > Dumbell)
& throw in some shoulder work: Lateral raises, front raises

Saturday - Repeat Wednesday

Sunday OFF

My Diet has been as strict as I could get it… Though recently I have had a couple of cheats (2 in the last 3 months), but mainly to put on a bit of mass as I am now struggling to put on more size.

A typical day I have about 3600 calories. 40% protein 30% carbs, 30% fats. I am also currently using creatine Mono.

I’m definitely a n00b regarding test/aas cycles but I have read up as much as possible. With regards to PCT on this cycle, will chlomid only suffice? Or would I need something like Nolva (20mg ed) as well? Would something like HCGenerate be of any benefit?

I have ordered some 23g 1 1/4 inch needles & 2cc syringes, would 23g be ok to extract?

Very sorry if I have missed anything, I’ll edit etc if need be.

you might get flamed on here for not posting stats with cycle proposal

If your supertest blend has the prop ester in it you will need every other day injections, not bi weekly. Hcg is great to run during cycle. 250 iu 2x a week I think would suffice. Clomid only for pct is fine. I personally prefer nolva when I did standard pct run at 40/40/20/20.
Might want to look into getting an AI. I recommend just some liquid arimadex from a reputable research chemical site. I run .25mg EOD but u may need more or less, but start there and adjust accordingly. Good luck! Pm me if u have questions

Edit: yes 23 ga is fine. I use the same pin to extract and then put the used pin onto a new barrel and the new pin onto the barrel with hormones for a fresh unblunted pin. You will have to rotate injection sites if pinning eod so stick to dorsal glute, v glutes, and shoulders if uhave enough size there( which you should before you start aas

Sorry I thought my stats etc may appear on profile etc… anyhow: 34 yrs old. 5’9" 205lb ~ 18% bf

Want to gain LBM in the next few months, I will probably have a long slow cut early next yr untill summer.

Anyone have any ideas on the effects my ritalin meds will have on a cycle?