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First Cycle Plans/Questions

Okay, so this is probably the millionth time all you vets have seen a thread like this, so let me apologize ahead of time. Basically I have done the research and come up with all the necessary information to successfully do my very first cycle, but I wanted to run it by everyone, and there are some specifics on diet that I would like to get a sanity check on as well.

Even writing this is giving me butterflies a little bit because, like many of you I’m sure, I never thought I would be dipping my big toe into the anabolic pool. Well here I am, 30 years old, 12 solid years of iron behind me, and ready to test the water.

First let me give you some background info: My training is hard and heavy, I workout with powerlifters, I have squatted in the mid 4’s, benched over 3 and pulled over 5.

My diet is excellent, and currently I am coming off of a 9 week cutting cycle which has gotten me down to 180 lbs at what I would estimate to be under 6% bodyfat (thank you Berardi!).

Several years ago I posted some pics of myself looking for diet advice and got some good feedback from T-Nation members, notably P22 whose opinion I greatly respect. I have been a T-Nation member for some time but don?t post all that much.

I am around 6 feet tall, and I know that 180 sounds light, but I normally walk around at 190+. I have never done an illegal drug in my life and have always said if I was gonna try anything, it would be steroids. I’ve gotten bloodwork done and am in excellent health, my cardio vascular endurance is also excellent.

I have health insurance and a regular doctor, low blood pressure, ect. I have always been on the skinnier side, and at age 18 only weighed around 145 at about the same height. So through training I have put on close to 50 lbs in the last 12 years.

So basically, I plan on running sustanon 250 for 10 weeks (1cc Sunday and Wednesday for a total of 500mg) with PCT consisting of A-dex starting on week 12. I also have nolvadex on hand if any gyno issues arise, but I don’t really anticipate this being a problem.

I have done M1T in the past (I know, I know) as well as MAG-10 and have never had anything close to that. But I’m cautious so there you go. Okay, so I have the SERM and aromatase inhibitor bases covered. I will not be drinking at all during the cycle, and basically training the same way I do now, which is a lot of heavy compound movements and some cardio.

The real question I have relates to diet. Basically I was planning on following the “get unshredded” protocol but on a more accelerated timeline. I have been eating sub 2000 calories for weeks, so obviously my metabolism would not react favorably to jumping right to 4000 calories a day.

I was going to ramp up the calories over a 4 week time period and then for the next 6 eat 4-4500 calories a day consisting of low glycemic carbs, good fats, and plenty of red meat.

So my questions are these: What does everyone think of my plan? I have heard the criticisms of sust (or read I should say) but for every detractor there seems to be a fan.

I have also done a lot of reading on HCG and have decided against using it during the cycle, partially due to lack of availability as well as having to take another shot every day.

Is A-Dex only sufficient for PCT? (I have read it is) I also have clomid on hand. Also, will I gain much fat on this plan? I want to give my body all the calories it needs, but I also don’t want to get fat and bloated right in the middle of summer.

I have read that test cycles actually decrease bodyfat in certain cases. I feel like I have positioned my self to get at least 15 pounds of real solid muscle out of this cycle, which would make me real happy. I have read that cutting before a steroid cycle is a good way to go, and you get better gains that way, but never have heard an explanation of why exactly.

Any and all info and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post, I have done a ton of research on this subject so I wanted to be very clear with my intentions.

Wow that was a long one.
I’ll try and hit on the main gear points.
I am not a fan of Sust. I think you would be much better off going with one of the two common long estered T’s. At 500mg a week no AI is needed. But, it is good to hear you got the Nolva already.

As far as your PCT goes the AI’s are generally not used in favor of the SERM’s. Again, Nolva is probably going to be all you need for a 500mg a week of Test cycle.

Finally, yes it is possible to lean up while taking Test. As you mentioned above diet is largely key. I just finished a Test/Deca cycle I probably lost 1-2" off my waist during this cycle despite gaining 12-13 scale pounds.

Hey, thanks for the response. Sorry about the length! I just wanted to try and answer the main questions everyone asks when people come on asking about their first cycle.

Run what you are thinking of using through this graph to see how much you will end up with in your bloodstream as the weeks add up.


you might be surprised at what the 500mg/week you thought you were taking actually accumulates up to.

I did all my research and figured out my cycle and PCT but I’m not certain of a legit site to order from. If anyones knows please reply. Thanks

@roid enthusiast: Good calculator, very helpful and thanks for that. Ironically, it gives me the same time to start my PCT that I was planning, mostly due to the short/long ester blend in the sust. If I was using straight cyp or ethanate it would be longer though.

@wildcats11: Bro, respectfully, no one here is gonna give you a source, and asking for one is generally frowned upon. It can get T-Nation in trouble for one. The best way is to find a doctor that will legal prescribe HRT for you due to a decrease in natural test. Beyond that, I can’t help ya brother.

Using sustanon at 2X week is not a good idea IMO.

You are basically throwing any good you will get from the prop ester out the window at 2x week.

For the sake of sparing the prop - shoot E3D. You blood levels will thank you.