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First Cycle Planned by a Friend


Hi guys, I just started my first cycle ever. 25 yrs old, absolutely no health problems

A friend of mine (who I believe to be skilled in this field) planned a cycle for me but as I read a lot of forums lately, I feel like it's "too hard" for the first time. He keeps telling me it isn't.

Danabol DS : Weeks 1-9 - dosages 20,30,40,50,60,50,40,30,20 mg
Testost. Enan. : Weeks 1-7 - dosages 250,250,250,500,500,500,250
Sustanon : Weeks 7-9 - dosages 250 (with last 250 of Enan),250,250

Tamoxifen (nolva) if gyno occurs, for PCT I have clomid only.

I think that DBOL dosage is too high and lasts too long. If I reduce it to let's say 25-30mg every day for 5 weeks, do you think the rest of the cycle is OK????


Why use Test E and Sust in the same cycle?


that cyle makes no sense why use a shitty dose thats not gonna get you much gains plus cypionate ester takes forever to kick in
also dont forget sustanon has only a little bit of prop in it, and the short ester is the one that is in your system shutting you down first
people dont get that alot of times sust has around 20-30mg of prop that means if you shoot 2 times a week equivalant of 40-60mg that week
mind the isocarparate half life is pretty short as well still leaves you with less than a TRT dose of test

try this
500mg test ethanate if its your first time run for 8 weeks and if you handle sides well, up the dosage and see how your body reacts.

if you are very eager and hungry for gains try
500mg test ethanate weeks 1-16
20-50mg of dbol weeks 1-6

once your shutdown your shutdown for AWHILE might as well run it longer 12-20 weeks and get most bang per time
or if your at a very competitive level blast and cruise works very well.


and if you use dbol you better have an a.i. on hand, and use it religously, or you will more than likely get or start to develope gyno.
1mg arimidex EOD to be safe.
dbol is fine at that dose just use an AI.


This cycle was planned by a friend of mine who has used gear for a few year… looks that he doesn’t know much about it.

I don’t really understand the long/short ester thing, I’m a newb, will try to find what’s going on. Let’s say I’ll run Test E for 10-12 weeks 500mg/week.

I have some general questions about OCT and PCT…

  1. AI during OCT and SERM during PCT, is it right?
  2. Use AI during OCT only when experiencing high E sides, otherwise don’t use? + what drug exactly
  3. What drug(s) is/are best for PCT to maintain mass, prevent gyno and get balls working?

Thanks guys for your help, I really appreciate it!!


Looks like you have a good grasp on it now.

Some will run arimidex (AI) entire cycle at .25 eod, you could start it 2-3 weeks in unless you see sides before that. Another thing is you could also run it during pct as well. there are lots of ways of doing preventative measures while on and after a cycle.

Nolva is the most used for pct with clomid a close second. Most use a combination of the two. Nolva is also good to have on hand if you start seeing or noticing gyno while on cycle.

HCG is one of the latest trends for keeping the boys downstairs from shrinking. Some even use it in thier pct in high doses, i would not advise using high doses of HCG for pct. use it during cycle.

Do some research and read the stickies, your catching on pretty quick.
Just be sure to have diet, cycle, and pct all planned out before doing any cycle.



You do not know enough about AAS to consider using it safely. Spend a couple months reading this board the posts and the stickeys until you are better educated.