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First Cycle Plan


Hi T-Folk,

This is my first post about steroids, and hasn't come without much research and MANY searches. In many respects I am a newbie, although I've been studying physique enhancing drugs for many years (training 7 years with injury breaks), and feel that I'm getting close to the point where I can safely and responsibly do a cycle.

I have access to the following:

  • Injectable Stanazolol
  • Deca
  • Sustanon 250
  • Tribolin

  • Test Propianate

  • Test Cypionate
  • Test Enanthate

(I'm still working on PCT drugs and anti-estrogen/aromatase drugs - very few people I've come across doing cycles use them, or have knowledge of their use unfortunately. I'm in Australia by the way. I won't be starting anything without these drugs in my kit.)

I won't be touching the Deca (yet) or Tribolin (ever).

I plan an 8 week cycle, consisting of some type of straight Test ester. My first choice was Sustanon 250, as I figured the different half lives of the 4 Test esters in it would be
advantageous (although in my research I haven't figured out how, if at all). Having said that, ester dependent injection frequency covers that problem. My main concern now is clearing the drug from my system at the end of 8 weeks, so I'm leaning towards straight
Propianate or Cypionate.

I understand that I should cut off my cycle instantly at the planned end date, although given various half lives, do you believe it would be worth taking Test/Sustanon at 500mg a week for 7 weeks, then 250mg in week 8?
I realise that tapering is not good for recovery, but does anyone have any views on very shortterm tapering as I've mentioned above?

I was planning also to incorporate Stanazolol into the cycle, seeing as it's the only Type II steroid I have available to me. Given it's cost though, even 50mg a day soon ads up,
and I'm not sure 25mg a day would be effective given the cost. Besides, I believe that half a gram of Test/Sustanon for 8 weeks for my first cycle will give very good results
anyway. Thoughts anyone?

Having just proof read what I've written, I feel like this post is more to help me consolidate my options and what I've learnt, rather than ask a thousand questions for specific help. But, if anyone has any input or advice it would definitely be appreciated.


P.S. My max weight has been 85kgs (187) 12%BF, although after an injury a couple of years back I slid down to 72kgs (158). The injury is mostly a thing of the past now, and I recently weighed in at 76kgs (167) 10%BF, with my LBM climbing and fat mass reducing. My weight when I started training was 61kgs (134).

I understand my training frequency on steroids will be altered for the better (giving due regard to joint and tendon issues given the new strength, etc), and realise that if I?m not
eating at least 5000 quality calories a day then I'm somewhat wasting my time.


After trawling through mesorx all night, I've decided that the short-term tapering I've suggested above is kinda rediculous.

Plan now is front load 750mg of Cypionate, then 500mg a week thereafter. Total 8 weeks.


you definately have it together. winny can be added for the first two weeks, i would suggest 50mg, but 25 will help too. i think the cyp is a good call. most i know would shoot twice per week, 1ml at a time. aromatase inhibitors like arimidex and letrozole should be used in my opinion to combat not only side effects, but to prevent the estrogen mediated shutdown of the HTPA. you will have some shutdown from the test alone, but much less than if no aromatase inhibitor is used. also you could use winny for the last two weeks too (i'm not suggesting you do, but something to ponder). i'm sure you will see good gains as long as you eat well (check out the berardi articles) and as for supplements, for joints glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oil and msm will help, double the usual dose on cycle and two weeks after (so 4 weeks after last inject). zma is a good idea if your diet is just addequet since needs are increased.


Cheers Morbo, good to get some positive feedback.

I'm going to leave the Winny out of the equation for now - I'd like to see how my body reacts to the straight test first. And agreed, 2 shots a week.

I also have a slight pre-disposition to acne, so all the appropriate measures shall be taken. I already have doxycycline, exfoliating type cream (I forget the active ingredient name... starts with a 'b'), etc.

Finding the right drugs I need for PCT is proving difficult, as not many seem to use them, and I don't think we actually have the same range of drugs on the Australian drug register as the States does. I'm working on it...


500mg/week of test is a good reasonable beginner cycle. Some things i would recommend though:

You mention you have a disposition to acne. Steroids can agrivate this condition to the extreme. The best way to combat acne (and indeed mitigate most side effects) is to keep a very stable blood level of the androgen. That means more frequent injections. Personally i split my gear up into every other day injections and it has dramatically decreased acne problems while on cycle for me. You will have to determine how your body is going to react for yourself, but i'm advising you that you may want to consider this if you have a disposition to acne.

As for an aromatase inhibitor, you could use arimidex or letrozole (letrozole being the preferred), but with the limited access to gear you have, nolvadex will work just fine and will likely be easier to get as well. Aditionally, nolvadex is very effective when used for recovery (in place of the traditional clomid). You will want nolvadex or clomid. Take the time to find them and to make sure that they aren't fake.



I guess me and justin are letrozole fans. The dosages required are not that high for a lighter cycle I would think 1mg to 1.5mg per day, this could be tuned for each person depending level of aromatase suppression required. Although I think Cy Wilson wrote something in an article about 1mg being enough (not so sure, so i will try to find the link later). the nolva should also be fine, you could try experimenting with the doses, but usually 20-40mg/day split into two equal doses of 10-20mg about 12 hours apart. personally i like clomid, but some have issues with it (guess i'm lucky).

Looks like you got the whole thing worked out. definately wise to not use winny (i was providing examples only, as i stated perhaps not so clearly) and learn how your body reacts.


Thanks for the PCT, etc, tips.

I won't be spending even 5c on anything until I can get that area sorted. I haven't set any specific plans regarding anti aromatase/estrogens as I'm just having a bloody hard time finding any!

[tears hair out]

Anyway, perseverence should prevail.


A word on the letrozole: In my experience, doses as low as .5mg/day were more than adequate to keep my nipples from itching. I am not overly sensitive to estrogen so this may be a unique case for me but I would certainly stay around 1-1.5 mg/day with the letrzole as it is extremely powerful. It can basically eliminate all the estrogen from your body which can make you feel fairly messed up (as some ammount of estrogen is required in males). Letrozole really is a superb aromatase inhibitor and i think we will see more people using it in the future.

Regarding the nolvadex, the half life of the drug is about 4 days. I don't know how much extra benefit you would get from taking it in divided doses through the day as opposed to all at once. Whatever works for you is best though.

Good luck dude.