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First Cycle Plan


Hi there, planning my first cycle. I recently posted a while back regarding genetic limit. After some serious thinking/research. Please do not ask for my personal information as this is a post just on my cycle and what people recommend based on their experience and knowledge.

Test e - 600mg per week 1-10
D/bol - 20mg a day week 1-4
Arimidex eod week 1-4 ( whilst having some spare for the rest of the cycle just in case I experience sides)

pct 2 weeks after last jab
nolva - 40/40/20/20

The question I have are the length of running the cycle for my first time. I’ve read conflicting posts, however I’m leaning towards 8 weeks rather than 10.

Goals would be to put on around 14-16lb of mass

Let me know what you guys think


12 weeks brother. This is gonna be the best cycle you will ever have. Make the most of it. 8 or 12 weeks you will be shut down. Its not gonna save your hpta any more. 12 weeks is standard recommendation for first cycle. Stick with what works and has worked imo. Some will not like your kickstart on first cycle because it will mess with you figuring out your AI dose with test but im not gonna preach. I did the same thing on my first cycle. Got a little gyno too. Its not noticable. So your call.


Youre going to need an ai on board through the entire cycle.


Your stats are actually pretty important if you want good feedback on your cycle idea. BF% being most important right after your age. Post those up for better critique plz. Also as your first cycle, for anyone, dbol is not a great idea. Its better to just go with test to see how you react to that.


Does anyone else agree with dropping the Dbol? I’m 24, 192lb at 5ft 8 with 17℅ body fat

Just to add I’ve been training for 9 years and my diet and training programme is good to go


600 test e weekly is a good starting amount for a test cycle. Enanthate is fine twice weekly. If your comfortable, you could actually make it 3×300 weekly. All the dbol will do is complicate your sides, including hepotoxicity, and if it’s your first time id advise test only with aI through entire cycle and nolvadex low dose pct.


I would suggest getting a little bit leaner, then running just test, I do enjoy the old saying "most from the least "


Okay sweet thanks both of you, really appreciated. I’ve decided not to drop the BF%, the reason for this is because I’m off season rugby player, so having it higher now and after cycle will just mean itl come off pre season back to say 15%. ( Even though I know the effects of the test will be more beneficial at slightly lower BF.) However the timing seems to be right now for me personally.

I’ll be starting my cycle towards the end of next week so I’ll keep you all updated throughout, measurements and weight and let you guys know how I’m getting on.


absolutely keep the dbol in. any future cycles would include an oral at some point, so might as well jump right in with it. Definitely run the AI from day 1 through the end. Dosing seems fine. I think your bf is fine. The hepatoxicity of 20mg/day of dbol for 4 weeks is negligible, so i wouldn’t worry about that. it’s unlikely you’d even notice it on any bloodwork you may or may not get done. keep nolvadex on hand, just in case it turns out you’re very susceptible to gyno.

Don’t drop the test to 300, that’s for damn sure. YES, that would reduce your gains drastically. you’d be cutting your dose in half, how could that not have a big impact? lol. and run it for 12 weeks. You’re going to be sorely disappointed with long-term results if you try to run a tiny cycle now. The results of, say, a 300mg/week cycle for 8 weeks would likely be close to non-existent by the time you’re in season again. It would be a waste. Don’t do that.


@cdymz yeah orals on a first run are personal preference, personally I think 2 injectable are better like 300test and 300 to 600 Eq or deca, but I have a oral kick start preference and that’s tbol and dbol combined starting at 10mgs ea per day working up to 50 over 2 weeks then running for 4 or 5 weeks the dropping off to just test.