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First Cycle Plan


Hello T-Nation,

As the sub. says this is my first cycle. Im 26 y.o., 185lbs. with 15% B.F. I have Hexadex and Deca. on hand. Throughout my many months of research this is by far the best site I have been to. Most of my questions have been answered from this particular site and I'm now excited to be a part of this site. On to Plan:

I have 1 10ml vial of Hexadex, and 1 vial of deca. The vials are the same size so im assuming they are both 10ml. Please forgive my ignorance on dosages. Reason being is that I have heard mixed answers on dosage of these two. I was not planning on running an AI but Im going to have some letro on hand in case Im prone to gyno and symptoms start to appear. For my PCT Im only going to run nolva.

In case symptoms appear: I'll run letro as follows...
Day 1: .5mg
Day 2: 1mg
Day 3: 1.5mg
Day 4: 2mg
Day 5: 2.5mg
I will stay at 2.5mg until symptoms subside and then go in reverse order and remain at .5mg for an additional wk.

Nolva shall be run as so:
wait 3 wks. after last injection because of deca.
And i ll take nolvadex for 4 wks. 40/40/20/20

How does this look to you guys?


Hexadex is Sust 450. Going to bed but wanted anyone else who may respond to know that much for now. I will address this further in the morning.

  1. why would you only buy 2 vials?
  2. what is "hexadex"?
  3. gyno is the absolute LEAST of your worries when it comes to elevated estrogen
  4. you are 185lbs with 15% bodyfat (estimated, probably higher in actuality), unless you are 5', your diet and training suck and AAS won't make up for them


you should run an AI throughout instead of waiting till gyno to form and then take action.. if you can get adex gr8 but if not since you have letro try running letrozole at 0.625 (1/4) tab EoD but people say you need to run it atleast 60 days to get a stable blood level..


G0d dammit
Shut up!

OP You don't have enough to gear to run a cycle. You shouldn't even think about Deca for your first cycle. You should have been here discussing a plan before a purchase. You have a lot to learn and are not ready for a cycle.


I only purchased two vials b/c I was unsure of the dosages and did not want to over due it on my first attempt. Hexadex is a blend of different testosterone's. It consists of
20mg test acetate
30mg test propionate
50mg test phenylpropionate
90mg test enanthate
95mg test cypionate
165mg test undecanoate

450mg toatal

If I am ignorant in some areas of this please forgive me I am new. If there is something anyone wants me to research more before helping me just let me know. I have heard deca is only for vets but why is that? If you read furiousgeorges beginners cycle plan he states that as a secondary(which in this case means optional) a first cycle can contain deca for additional bulking help. I wanted to go on a bulk cycle and I figured these two together were my best bet. I want to make sure I know what Im doing b/c my main concern is safety.

The media has def. hyped the dangers of aas but I agree that when done properly no harm done. I realize the only reason they are illegal is b/c they work and in the wrong and ignorant hands can be deadly.


Ok, so you want to learn. I respect that. I'm going to start with a few pieces of advice.

  1. Assume that what you have right now is useless to you. Not good stuff for a first cycle.

  2. Ignore G0D123. He has no idea what he is talking about.

  3. At the top of the steroids forum there is a first cycle sticky. Read it. Completely.

  4. Come back with a proposed cycle. Include the drugs you will use, how long you'll take them for, what you'll be taking for estrogen, and your full pct plan.

  5. It would be helpful to you as well to check out a few other proposed first cycle threads and see what they did right or wrong.

Once you've done this the other members here will look over your proposal and help with adjustments. This also shows that you are willing to do some homework and don't expect this to be handed to you.


<3 installglass always makes my day ! you shouldnt go to sleep my friend coz teh moment you do i will start dishing advices..